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"Saft" is a word for juice or diluting juice in Germanic languages.

Saft may refer to:

  • Jamie Saft, American jazz musician
  • Saft Groupe S.A., French battery company
  • " Saft (song)", song by Die Fantastischen Vier
  • SAF-T, Standard Audit File for Tax
  • SAFT, Statistical Association Fluid Theory
Saft (song)

"Saft" [Juice] is a song by the German hip hop band, Die Fantastischen Vier. It's the sixth single by "Die Fantastischen Vier". It was released in 1992 and from the album 4 Gewinnt.

Usage examples of "saft".

Her voice sae saft, sae sweet and clear, Afar in yonder bower sae green, The mavis quits her lay to hear A bonnier sang frae lovely Jean.

Grizel, puir, saft hertit, winsome thing, wad hae lookit twice at ony sic a serpent as him!

Six million saft might have been a poor price for a Wu Morrison shuttle, but it was going to be enough for us to live like kings for the duration of our stay in Landfall.

I had seen several open, half-filled barrels of saft fish standing in one of the outbuildings that I thought had been a house rather than a storage shed.

Monsieur Lotard left, then Monsieur Saft, whom he saw on the pavement, a worn brief-case under his arm.

Four people at least had heard her scream, including Monsieur Saft, who had rushed out on to the landing, thinking she was calling for help.

Fachin was studying, and the Safts, in their room, were chatting quietly.

He minded that ropes was unco saft things, and the solan's neb and the Bass Rock unco hard, and that twa hunner feet were raither mair than he would care to fa'.