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SCAP may refer to:

  • S.C.A.P., a French manufacturer of cars and engines between 1912 and 1929
  • Security Content Automation Protocol
  • Separation of content and presentation
  • The Shackled City Adventure Path, a role-playing game
  • SREBP cleavage activating protein
  • Supervisory Capital Assessment Program, a series of bank stress tests
  • Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, title held by General Douglas MacArthur during the Occupation of Japan following World War II
  • Freddie Scappaticci, an agent of the Provisional Irish Republican Army

Usage examples of "scap".

But because of the relatively low priority given by SCAP to the physical reconstruction of Japanese cities and the gap between any drawing up and implementation of large-scale architectural projects, the postwar building boom in Japan did not begin until the early 1950s.

Turning to the demilitarization policies already under way in the defeated nation, the film suddenly became lyrical, surely reflecting the more positive outlook that SCAP had demanded.

From whom returning sad and comfortlesse,As on the way together we did fare,We met that villen (God from him me blesse)That cursed wight, from whom I scapt whyleare,A man of hell, that cals himselfe Despaire:Who first vs greets, and after faire areedesOf tydings strange, and of aduentures rare:So creeping close, as Snake in hidden weedes,Inquireth of our states, and of our knightly deedes.

And therwithal, on knees doun he fil, And seyde, "Venus, if it be thy wil, Yow in this gardyn thus to transfigure Bifore me, sorweful wrecche creature, Out of this prisoun helpe that we may scapen!

I am being depurged by a most difficult man, a high member of the SCAP team, a British colonel by the name of Linnear.