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n. (context rare or archaic English) (alternative spelling of sex English)

Usage examples of "sexe".

But if it be granted that the passions of the two sexes are of equal strength, how comes it that a man never refuses to gratify a woman who loves him and entreats him to be kind?

One study asked both sexes to describe the experience of orgasm and subsequently removed specific references to body parts and gender.

For example, among parent birds, both male and female albatrosses, male but not female ostriches, females but not males of most hummingbird species, and no brush turkeys of either sex are instinctively programmed to bring food to their chicks, although both sexes of all of these species are physically and anatomically perfectly capable of doing so.

That is, genetic mutations or recombinations in a parent bird could strengthen or weaken the instinct to bring food to the chicks and could do so differently in the two sexes of the same species.

We make jokes about the battle of the sexes, but the battle is neither a joke nor an aberrant accident of how individual father or mothers behave on particular occasions.

Animal species differ greatly in how the sexes differ, and not only in mammary gland development.

During adolescence the visible differences between the mammalian sexes increase under the influence of a mix of hormones from the gonads, adrenal glands, and pituitary gland.

Among three samples of Dyak fruit bats caught at different places and seasons, two included lactating males, lactating females, and pregnant females, but adults of both sexes in the third sample were reproductively inactive.

In particular, recall how the evolutionary battle of the sexes has resulted in parental care being provided by the mother alone in about 90 percent of all mammal species.

Attainment of reproductive maturity is signaled in both human sexes by the growth of pubic and axillary hair.

The sexes have different aptitudes, areas of intelligence, capabilities, endurance, strengths, and so on, and most of it is not culturally induced, but inherited.

Not only did the gates revolutionize our lives by changing our sexes, they also created upheaval in the normal family structure.

One day he mentioned to us that the court of the Infante of Parma was very brilliant since the arrival of Madame de France, and that there were many foreigners of both sexes in the city.

He took his meals every day at a table laid out for thirty persons, and the guests were his actors, actresses, dancers of both sexes, and a few friends.

She overlooked the difference of constitution between the two sexes, and the privileges enjoyed by women.