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Saue is a town in north-western Estonia. Administratively it constitutes a separate urban municipality in Harju County.

The territory of Saue is and population about 5,600. Closest centres are Tallinn , Keila , Saku and Laagri .

Usage examples of "saue".

The introductory to writte and pronounce frenche, compiled by Alexander Barcley, in which k is moche vsed, and many other thynges also by hym affirmed, contrary to my sayenges in this boke, and specially in my seconde, where I shall assaye to expresse the declinations and coniugatynges with the other congruites obserued in the frenche tonge, I suppose it sufficient to warne the lernar, that I haue red ouer that boke at length: and what myn opinion is therin, it shall well inough apere in my bokes selfe, though I make therof no ferther expresse mencion: saue that I haue sene an olde boke written in parchement, in maner in all thynkes like to his sayd Introductory: whiche, by coniecture, was not vnwritten this hundred yeres.

Minotaurus a monster in Creete, born of Pasiphae which being inclosed in the laborinth fed on mans flesh, whome Theseus slew and got out of the laborinth by a clew of thred giuen by Ariadne king Minoes daughter, after wife to Theseus, who did forsake hir, and left hir in a disinhabited Ile, notwithstanding that she had saued his life.

Which drery sight the gentle Squire espying,Doth hast to crosse him by the nearest way,Led with that wofull Ladies piteous crying,And him assailes with all the might he may:Yet will not he the louely spoile downe lay,But with his craggy club in his right hand,Defends him selfe, and saues his gotten pray.

Wherein his weaker wandring steps to guide,An auncient matrone she to her does call,Whose sober lookes her wisedome well descride:Her name was Mercie, well knowne ouer all,To be both gratious, and eke liberall:To whom the carefull charge of him she gaue,To lead aright, that he should neuer fallIn all his wayes through this wide worldes waue,That Mercy in the end his righteous soule might saue.

Fayre Britomart saues Amoret,Duessa discord breedesTwixt Scudamour and Blandamour:Their fight and warlike deedes.

At last they came whereas that Ladie bode,Whom now her keepers had forsaken quight,To saue themselues, and scattered were abrode:Her halfe dismayd they found in doubtfull plight,As neither glad nor sorie for their sight.