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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sacs \Sacs\ (s[add]ks), n. pl.; sing. Sac. (Ethnol.) A tribe of Indians, which, together with the Foxes, formerly occupied the region about Green Bay, Wisconsin. [Written also Sauks.]


n. (plural of sac English)


SACS may refer to:

  • SACS, a finite element analysis software by Bentley Systems
  • SACS (gene), a human gene that encodes the protein Sacsin
  • The South Atlantic Cable System, a transoceanic submarine communications cable
  • Saint Alphonsus Catholic School, a Catholic School found at Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines
  • St Andrew's Cathedral School, an Anglican school in Sydney, Australia
  • The South African College Schools, a school in Cape Town, South Africa
  • The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, an educational accreditation body in the southern United States
  • Success Academy Charter Schools
  • Suzuki Advanced Cooling System, used in some Suzuki motorcycle engines
SACS (cable system)

The South Atlantic Cable System or SACS , also known as the Angola-Brazil Cable, is a planned submarine communications cable in the South Atlantic Ocean linking Luanda, Angola with Fortaleza, Brazil with a leg connecting the Brazilian archipelago of Fernando de Noronha as well. It is designed to provide low latency routing between Africa and Asia in the east and the Americas in the west. Data traffic between Angola and Brazil will no longer have to pass through Europe and the US, as currently occurs.

It is expected that the SACS will cut data traffic costs between South America, Africa and onwards to Asia by 80%. In Fortaleza the SACS will be interconnected to Seabras-1 while the Angolan end will provide onward connectivity by the SAT-3/WASC cable. According to its initiators it will have a lot of demand, mainly because it will be the first undersea cable in the South Atlantic linking the African continent to Latin America. The only other planned cable to potentially compete with SACS is the South Atlantic Express cable planned to enter service in 2017.

The cable will measure 6,165 km in length and will contain four fibre pairs, each capable of transmitting 100 wavelengths with a bandwidth of 100Gbit/s. Construction costs are expected to amount to $278 million, funded by Angola Cables, a consortium of major Angolan telecoms companies (Angola Telecom with 51% of the capital, Unitel with 31%, MSTelcom with 9%, Movicel with 6%, and Startel with 3%). In January 2014 it was announced that construction of the cable would start already in the first quarter 2014 and would be completed within 18 months, earlier than originally anticipated. Although Brazilian Telebras announced in December 2011 that they would jointly launch the undersea cable with Angola Cables, in media reports from February 2014 Telebras made clear that they had only made "the offer of a landing point on Brazilian soil" and would not participate in the joint venture.

In October 2014 Antonio Nunes, CEO of Angola Cables, said to journalists that SACS deployment would start "in around a month" (November 2014), while confirming that investment in construction would be handled by Angola Cables alone after Brazilian telco Telebras dropped out. On 21 October 2014 an order of the Angolan president announced that the government would guarantee to Angolan banks who have approved a $260 million bank loans earmarked for building the SACS.

Usage examples of "sacs".

Their mournful hooting, made with inflatable skin sacs on their great horny snouts, echoed from the walls of ice to the south.

Dozens or hundreds of shapers clambered among the blocks, bearing bundles and implements and jiggling sacs of liquid.

His main danger was overheating in the unfiltered sunlight of the high air, but his body had a number of mechanisms to compensate, including the capacity to vary the flow of blood in his tremendous wings, and air sacs placed in his body that enabled his internal organs to lose heat.

Bulletlike meteors tore tunnels through the fine caverns of his body, ripping open air sacs, smashing his delicate, light-as-air filigree skeleton, further puncturing his magnificent wings.

Whether they had once been known as provinces or nations or frontiers, the gaping cavities stood like air sacs within a great round lung.

They consist of a group of secreting sacs, terminating at one extremity in a closed tube, while the other opens into a common duct.

These sacs are composed of delicate, membranous tissue, having numerous nuclei on their walls.

The filaments of the auditory nerve penetrate the membranous tissues of these sacs, and also of those suspended at the commencement of the semi-circular canals.

These little sacs are supposed to be the seat of hearing, and to determine, in some mysterious way, the quality, intensity and pitch of sounds.

OVARIAN TUMORS generally consist of one or more cysts or sacs, developed within the ovary, and filled with a fluid, or semi-fluid matter, which is formed in their interior.

In aggravated cases, the seminal sacs are so weakened that the warmth of the bed, friction of the clothing, reading obscene literature, viewing indecent pictures, indulging in lewd conversation, or even being in the presence of women, produces a waste of semen--many times unattended by erections.

It includes all the fungi that have the spores enveloped in delicate sacs called asci.

The exterior surface of the cap is the spore-bearing portion, and the spores are developed in their sacs, but only seen under a microscope.

Discomycetes, fungi that have the spore sacs collected in a flattened disc.

Horrifyingly, her screams excited him, and he felt the tingle of desire explode in the sensitive sacs already beginning to bulge in the roof of his mouth.