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Senn may refer to:

  • Ann C. Senn (born 1958), global strategy Principal with Deloitte and US Masters swimmer
  • Alfred E. Senn (born 1932), professor emeritus of history at the University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • Bill Senn (1905–1973), professional American football running back in the National Football League
  • Chris Senn (skateboarder) (born 1972), professional skateboarder, known for his aggressive and spontaneous style
  • Chris Senn (video game designer), video game designer perhaps best known for his work on Sonic X-Treme (Sega)
  • Daniel Senn (born 1983), Swiss footballer
  • Deborah Senn, Washington politician
  • Frank Senn (born 1943), American Lutheran pastor and liturgiologist
  • Franz Senn (1831–1884), pastor, whose concern for the poverty of his parishioners lead him to encourage tourism into the Stubai
  • Gustav Senn (1875-1945), Swiss botanist
  • Hans Senn (1918–2007), general officer of the Swiss Army
  • Jean Antoine Petit-Senn (1792–1870), poet of French-Swiss origin
  • Johann Senn (1795–1857), political lyric poet of the Vormärz
  • Jordan Senn (born 1984), American football linebacker
  • Mark Senn (1878–1951), Conservative and Progressive Conservative party member of the Canadian House of Commons
  • Nicholas Senn (1844–1908), surgeon, instructor, and founder of the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States
  • Nikolaus Senn (1926–2014), former co-director of Schweizerische Bankgesellschaft
  • Reinhold Senn (born 1936), Austrian luger who competed during the 1960s
  • Ricardo Senn (born 1931), retired track and road bicycle racer from Argentina
  • Thomas J. Senn, American naval officer and 1891 graduate of the United States Naval Academy

Usage examples of "senn".

Like most of their people, Marr and Senn were passionately devoted to each other, and to all other things of beauty.

Of course he knew Marr and Senn as the Imperial caterers and unofficial social arbiters at Court.

Therefore, Marr and Senn had pressed the Praetorian Guards into service.

Marr, and Senn slid his tiny shoulders under the sonar cooker and strained upward.

What had Marr and Senn done, list their complete menu and how all the dishes were prepared?

The menu was being presented in a perfunctory drone, as if Marr and Senn had been forced into this new business through economic desperation.

Marr tasted, adjusted the paprika, stirred some more, then nodded to Senn, who poured in fresh chicken stock.

His mouth watered imagining what it was all going to taste like when Marr and Senn longed the chicken off the barbecue.

Marr and Senn arguing over the relative merits of pine nuts in Lebanese pilaf.

Marr and Senn had turned the drafty Bhor hall into a wonder of festooned flowers and subtle lights.

Marr and Senn had commanded convoy after convoy of deliciousness through the room.

Marr and Senn had printed up souvenir menus for each member of the Zaginow delegation.

Marr and Senn had converted an old weapons room into for this conversation.

Marr and Senn told him the entire floor had been ripped apart and rebuilt.

Nick recalled seeing a few lines in the paper: Robert Senn, 48, president of Senn Industries, a Swiss manufacturer of light firearms, pressurized aerosol containers, and ventilation systems, died when the plane in which he was traveling, a Gulfstream IV belonging to Senn Industries, crashed shortly after takeoff from Grozny, Chechnya.