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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sept \Sept\, n. [A corruption of sect, n.] A clan, tribe, or family, proceeding from a common progenitor; -- used especially of the ancient clans in Ireland.

The chief, struck by the illustration, asked at once to be baptized, and all his sept followed his example.
--S. Lover.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1540s, "enclosed area," from Latin septum (see septum). As "division of a nation or tribe," 1510s, "prob. a var. of sect" [OED].


Etymology 1 n. A clan, tribe, or family, proceeding from a common progenitor (qualifier: used especially of the ancient clans in Ireland). Etymology 2

vb. (lb en nonstandard rare) (en-past of: seep)


A sept is an English word for a division of a family, especially of a Scottish or Irish family. The word may derive from the Latinsaeptum, meaning "enclosure" or "fold", or via an alteration of "sect". The term is used in both Ireland and Scotland, where it may be translated as sliocht, meaning "progeny" or "seed", which may indicate the descendants of a person (for example, Sliocht Brian Mac Diarmada, "the descendant of Brian MacDermott").

Usage examples of "sept".

In addition to being the Sept leader, she was also a Philodox, which meant she was well versed in all the litany of the Garou and knew every rite necessary to the functioning of the Caern.

Tir-Eron or any holding of Argen or its septs, or Smithcraft and its divisions.

Drake Vireo, wyvern to the green dragon sept, will accept your challenge, body to body.

For his part, Drehkos had then been well content to accept the baronetcy which was the patrimony of a second son of his sept of Clan Daiviz and the very munificent maintenance income which the new komees generously and most unexpectedly offered to furnish his brother until he was well married or had otherwise made his fortune.

Mat hesitated a moment before booting Pips to follow, but Rhuarc and the Taardad sept chiefs, each with his ten, stepped off with the dapple.

For notification of an inbound aircraft at 10:02, see USSS record, Intelligence Division timeline, Sept.

Sicile entonner le premier verset de la haute messe de sept heures dans la Sainte-Chapelle.

For time of departure, see USSS record, Command Post Protectee Log, Sept.

The blacksmith had not seen her either, nor the septon in the village sept, the swineherd with his pigs, the girl pulling up onions from her garden, nor any of the other simple folk that the Maid of Taruh found amongst the daub-and-vvattle huts of Rosby.

Meribald was a septon without a sept, only one step up from a begging brother in the hierarchy of the Faith.

The other six men in the sept had drawn close around their surlord, reacting to the slowing of his mount and the slight stiffening of his face.

Not only have I preserved all the letters from Agassiz, the first dated Sept.

After Caesar sent the Helvetii back to their old lands six years ago, he allowed the Helvetian sept of the Boii to remain in Gaul on the petition of the Aedui, who wanted them as a buffer between Aedui and Arverni.

The septs banded together in the matter of trade, however, creating the Septentrion as a trade union that protects the financial interests of all the septs.

The representatives of the septs who serve in the Septentrion deal with outside merchants and bargain the best prices for Arpathian goods, including the legendary work of Arpathian goldsmiths.