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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Sano may refer to:

  • Sano, Tochigi, a city in Japan
  • Sano, Kentucky
  • Sano (company), an Israeli manufacturer of chemical products
  • Monte Sano Mountain, a mountain in Alabama, United States
    • Monte Sano State Park
  • Wai Sano, a volcano in Flores, Indonesia
  • Mens sana in corpore sano, a quotation by Juvenal
  • A defunct brand of cigarettes from United States Tobacco Company endorsed by Martin Kane, Private Eye


  • Fusako Sano, Japanese girl abducted and held in captivity from 1990 to 2000
  • Minoru Sano (b. 1955), Japanese figure skater
  • Minoru Sano (chef) (1951–2014), Japanese celebrity chef of ramen
  • Minoru Sano (businessperson)(1926–2012), Japanese businessman and the founder of Nipro.
  • Naoki Sano, Japanese professional wrestler
  • Natsume Sano (b. 1985), Japanese actress and model
  • Roy I. Sano (b. 1931), Japanese-American Methodist bishop
  • Sano Tsuneha (1871–1956), Japanese Scouting notable
  • Sano Tsunetami (1822–1902), founder of the Japanese Red Cross
  • Yuko Sano (b. 1979), Japanese volleyball player
  • Sano di Pietro (1406–1481), an early Italian Renaissance painter
  • Miguel Angel Sano, Dominican baseball player

Fictional characters:

  • Seiichhiro Sano, a character from The Law of Ueki
  • Sano (Rurouni Kenshin) or Sagara Sanosuke, a character in Rurouni Kenshin media
  • Sano Ichirō, a samurai detective from a series of mystery novels by Laura Joh Rowland
  • Izumi Sano, a character from the manga series Hana-Kimi by Hisaya Nakajo
  • Honoka Sano, a character from Strike Witches
Sano (company)

Sano is a detergent products manufacturer in Israel that was founded in 1959 by Bruno Landesberg. The Latin word sano means "to heal".

Usage examples of "sano".

Sano and a team of his detectives arrived to call on Nitta the next morning, a hard, brilliant blue sky arched over the castle.

Sano kept his manner deferential, because if Nitta proved not to be the murderer, he could become a formidable enemy.

There, Nitta performed the ritual of welcoming Sano and serving tea with an elaborate courtesy that conveyed his antipathy more clearly than could blatant insults.

That Nitta would expect him to believe this limited version of events, and never find out that there was more to the story, insulted his professional honor and goaded Sano to speak boldly.

Sano, because Nitta had placed himself at the scene where the murder had occurred, at the crucial time.

Fujio was the killer and sought to incriminate Nitta the way Nitta had tried to incriminate him, Sano thought.

Sano bowed to the inner sanctuary and placed a coin in the offertory box for good luck.

Wild geese flew over the plowed but yet unplanted and unflooded rice fields on the opposite sides of the canal and the elevated dike where Sano stood.

Matsui extended to Sano a metal handguard with attached chain-mail sleeve, his voice dropped to a reverent whisper.

Now Huygens forgot Jan Spaen, Sano, and the past as his professional self took command.

If Investigator Sano learned the truth about Huygens, he would look no further for the killer of Jan Spaen.

Clumsily Huygens dropped to his knees before Sano, hands clasped in entreaty.

Lady Niu said, nodding toward a standing screen on one side of the room, halfway between her and Sano.

Intuition told Sano that a direct connection between Noriyoshi and the Niu clan must exist, that it provided the motive for the murders.

Divorammo il frugale ma abbondante e sano pasto e quel primo bisogno soddisfatto, io richiesi da Tito il racconto delle sue avventure il che egli fece in poche parole.