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SASL may refer to:

  • Simple Authentication and Security Layer, a framework for authentication and data security in Internet protocols
  • SASL (programming language), a non-strict functional programming language developed by David Turner in 1976
  • South African Sign Language, an officially-recognized sign language in South Africa
  • Solitaire Advanced Squad Leader, a single-player variant of the World War II board wargame Advanced Squad Leader
  • System Application Support Libraries, an application of the Erlang programming language
  • South African Soccer League, a former association football league based in South Africa
SASL (programming language)

SASL (from St. Andrews Static Language, alternatively St. Andrews Standard Language) is a purely functional programming language developed by David Turner at the University of St Andrews in 1972, based on the applicative subset of ISWIM. In 1976 Turner redesigned and reimplemented it as a non-strict (lazy) language. In this form it was the foundation of Turner's later languages KRC and Miranda, but SASL appears to be untyped whereas Miranda has polymorphic types.

Burroughs Corporation used SASL to write a compiler and operating system.