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n. (plural of see English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: see)


Sées is a commune in the Orne department in north-western France.

It lies on the Orne River from its source and north-by-northeast of Alençon.

Usage examples of "sees".

I unlaced her corset, and in the twinkling of an eye I had before me such a siren as one sees on the canvas of Correggio.

A woman comes in, sees him, looks at him, and goes away telling you that the man does not please her.

The fraternal love, the delight beaming upon those two beautiful faces, with a slight shade of confusion on that of the sister, the pure joy shining in the midst of their tender caresses, the most eloquent exclamations followed by a still more eloquent silence, their loving looks which seem like flashes of lightning in the midst of a dew of tears, a thought of politeness which brings blushes on her countenance, when she recollects that she has forgotten her duty towards a nobleman whom she sees for the first time, and finally there was my part, not a speaking one, but yet the most important of all.

I forgot that it is not possible to stop at friendship with a pretty woman whom one sees constantly, and especially when one suspects her of being in love herself.

I had no real need of being presented to the Pope by anyone, as any Christian is at liberty to go in when he sees the door open.

One still sees the seals on the backs of many of the letters, on paper which has slightly yellowed with age, leaving the ink, however, almost always fresh.

The advocate hurries to the bed of the two frightened ladies, thinking of relieving their anxiety, but, when he sees them buried in their broken-down bedstead, he bursts into a loud laugh.

Rousseau told me that he died of poison, but he is a visionary who sees the black side of everything.

Alone in a gloomy cell where he only sees the fellow who brings his food once a day, where he cannot walk upright, he is the most wretched of men.

Furthermore, the sleeping prisoner often dreams that he is free again, in like manner as the wretch dying of hunger sees himself in dreams seated at a sumptuous feast.

I am, all that I feel--my anxiety, my grief, all the wanderings of my mind--can be but a prayer in the eyes of the Divine Wisdom which alone sees my heart.

Then perform the operation, and I will make my father love me all the better, when he sees that my knowledge is equal to yours.

It is of no use interfering with them on this point, since all things are finally appreciated at their true value, and the pride of the nobility is easily discounted when one sees them as they really are.

I cannot admit that every man who sees me is at liberty to lose his reason.