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Seip is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Andreas Martin Seip (1790–1850), Norwegian military officer and politician
  • Anne-Lise Seip (born 1933), Norwegian historian and former politician
  • Didrik Arup Seip (1884-1963), Norwegian professor of northern Germanic languages
  • Hans Kristian Seip (1881-1945), Norwegian engineer and politician
  • Hans Kristian Seip (forester) (born 1920), Norwegian professor and politician
  • Hans Martin Seip (born 1937), Norwegian chemist
  • Helge Seip (1919-2004), Norwegian politician
  • Jens Arup Seip (1905-1992), Norwegian historian, husband of Anne-Lise Seip
  • Karl Seip (1850-1909), Norwegian priest, educator, and briefly Minister of Education and Church Affairs
  • Kristian Seip (born 1962), Norwegian mathematician
  • Marcel Seip (born 1982), Dutch footballer
  • Tim Seip, American politician

Usage examples of "seip".

In the farming district of Tangok Seip, on the eastern side of the Emakkis Valley where the inner range of coastal mountains began to rise, it fell with such force that it peeled the soil from the slopes in torrential mud-slides such as had never been seen since the founding of the city.