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n. (plural of sap English)


SAPS may refer to:

  • SAPS II, a severity of disease classification system
  • SAPS III, a system for predicting mortality
  • South African Police Service, the national police force of the Republic of South Africa
  • SAP Application Performance Standard (SAPS), a hardware-independent unit to describe the performance of a system configuration in the SAP environment
  • Stand-alone power system, where electrical power is generated and consumed off-grid.
  • Shanghai Alumni Primary School, a primary school in Hong Kong.
  • Scale for the Assessment of Positive Symptoms is a rating scale to measure positive symptoms in schizophrenia.

Usage examples of "saps".

But,” I added, swelling out my chest seven or eight inches, “I don't reckon I'll have to lick no more saps for sayin’ that Ritchie's Terror is the champeen of all fightin’ dogs in the Asiatics.

The chief of the Saps agreed that Og’s trick with the sticks constituted a reasonable share-transfer price, and Og was duly installed as a full member of the tribe.

He was content to spend the remainder of his days among the Saps and never again ventured from their end of the valley.

When it at last ended and the ice sheets disappeared, only the Saps were left.

But I never lets sentiment interfere with business, and you two saps are the only men in Shanghai which has got guts enough for the job I got in mind.

In the same sense we may say that the upward movement of the saps in the plant (to which Ruskin pointed as being responsible for the apple appearing at the top of the tree) and with it the entire growth-phenomenon in the plant world, is due to peripheral suction.

Sugar, on the other hand, has its place in the saps of the plants which rise through the stems and carry up with them the mineral substances of the earth.

Just as the solar rhythm manifests in an alternating rise and fall of the saps in the plants, so also does the lunar rhythm.

Our mere presence saps his strength, ruins his judgment, fills him with panic fear of death.

I said I wasn't talking about traditions, I was talking about saps, and as far as I was concerned saps were out, regardless of race, nationality, or religion.

Nonetheless, lacking better alternatives, we might consider saps at either place or at both, since it has been my experience that subsurface wall additions or reinforcements be often of inferior materials.