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Sann or SANN may refer to:

  • Southern Arizona News Network (aka SANN), a regional 24-hour television news network
  • Son Sann (1911–2000), a Cambodian politician
  • Sann, a town in Sindh
  • The former German name of the River Savinja in Slovenia
  • SANN, a 2005 album entitled "Sylvain Auclair & Norman Nawrocki"
  • Sann Gate, a location in the Ranikot Fort in Pakistan

Usage examples of "sann".

When Jundrak of Sann had taken off, Peredan touched one of a number of colored dots ingrained into the corner of the tabletop.

His mission to Smorn completed, Jundrak of Sann returned to his regular duties as a full colonel in the Royal Fighting Forces.

What if the newly arrived Fifth Fleet was equipped with the new drive that had brought Jundrak of Sann to Smorn?

Even before he entered the Inner City, Jundrak of Sann knew that something was up.

The young duke of Sann had made contact with the Society of Death to Life and had delivered some opening reports.

We may as well put you in the picture, Sann, to stop you making a fool of yourself.

Duke-Colonel Jundrak of Sann, Subcolonel Heen Sett, half a dozen or so junior officers.

Chan Sann said the Chinese Wei Ho talked of a World Victory of the Proletariat.

Then came the Asian voice, the words in textbook English, yet alien and macabre when Chan Sann spoke.

Other transmissions announced numbers of workers captured and the departure of Chan Sann by helicopter.

Sorry, Sann, but you suffered a nasty decompression accident just yesterday.

He looked anxiously at the faceless multitude of people opposite and suddenly noticed the artist Cart Sann sitting in the third sector.

I understand Cart Sann, for beauty really is more important than we think.

In Augen ist ihr ganzer Geist: So standen wir betaeubt und angeheftet, Und sannen dir mit starren Sinnen nach, Bis sich der Schmerz durch Schmerz entkraeftet, Und stroemend durch die Augen brach.