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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Serr \Serr\, v. t. [F. serrer. See Serry.] To crowd, press, or drive together. [Obs.]

Usage examples of "serr".

Terra de Santa Cruz: for Serra Sanctae Crucis, a name given previously to Brazil.

Beyond and above, the volcano rose massively, like the ribbed trunk of a giant mangrove, in great parallel ridges, each with its own name: Serra Adorno, Roisa, Le Mandre, Rina Grande.

Diego Alvarez say they saw a mantidae three meters tall in the Serra Dos Parecis.

The Serra Diora, boxed in on all sides by the confines of a garden far finer than any the Marano clan had ever owned, breathed freely for the first time that day.

Serra Diora, is of Marano, and she is blood of my blood, and she is wholly mine by birth, and no other clan has lawful claim to her.

The duchess had arranged for us to start at nine, and Madame de Serra Capriola begged us to take coffee with her before going.

Hamilton took us to a garden belonging to the Duke of Serra Capriola, who chanced to be there with his beautiful Piedmontese wife, who loved her husband passionately.

A series of thick-walled adobe structures were connected by low-ceilinged breezeways, in the middle of which existed the beautiful courtyard that came complete with palm trees, bubbling fountain, and a bronze statue of Father Serra with these women – your stereotypical Indian squaws, complete with papooses strapped to their backs – kneeling at his feet.

He looked down at his bandeirante dress whites, the trousers tucked into calf-high jungle boots - everything crisp and glistening and clean while his men sweated out the preliminary survey on the Serra dos Parcecis.

The last tried to cross Paseo del Serra, just as the local road-sweeping truck was crawling its way past, and was whipped up by the brushes and carried, still alive, to the garbage dump, where it was buried under tons of newspaper and gravel and Coke cans and dried yucca leaves and excrement.

Sucking a deep breath into the pit of his lungs to clear his head, the effort sending a stab of pain across his bruised ribcage, K6ATX kept his eyes focused on the broad curving street where Alameda Padre Serra met the bottom of the hill and joined Mission Canyon Road in front of the twin-towered, two-century-old Spanish mission which was Santa Bonita's most famous historical landmark.

He saw at once that the broken, mountainous ground in which this Renamo army group was ensconced was the Serra de Gorongosa, the Gorongosa Mountains, and that the river they had crossed, which formed the Renamo defensive fine, was the Pungwe River.

Part of the problem for us was that SCCA doesn't allow the sort of modifications we wanted, and the folks in SERRA wanted to push the envelope of sportscar racing a bit more, more `experimental' stuff.

I won the vice presidency of the Junipero Serra Mission Academy junior class unanimously, except for a single write-in vote for Brad Ackerman.