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n. (plural of sat English)


SATS may refer to:

Usage examples of "sats".

He would like to see comm sats above the other nine Catteni worlds and links to Catten and Barevi.

He hoped they could find more relatively undamaged comm sats on their return.

If only I could access one of the datafix sats that serve the plantations.

At 1729:30 hours the spysats began feeding their real-time targeting data to the twenty-one perimeter defense sats which Kassad’s assault boat had left in low orbit.

The ancient defense sats were not designed for atmospheric use and had an effective destructive radius of less than a millimeter.

The entire Orion Navy could be out there, and without a proper network of scan sats we'd never know it.

Without more scan sats, I can't even cover the valleys adequately, much less spot them through thirty or forty meters of rock.

With the additional vertols and troops, extra scan sats, and defoliated kill zones, he'd pushed the Scotians hard, picking off their base camps one by one.