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SARC may refer to:

  • Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman of United States Navy Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman.
  • Student Alumni Relations Cell, a voluntary student organisation of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, that deals with student-alumni relations.

Usage examples of "sarc".

There was nothing in the accessible records listed for Sira di Sarc, but there had been a file on a man named Jarad di Sarc, a wealthy politician native to the predominantly Human world of Camos.

She was taller than I and carried herself with unconscious pride, as befitted the First Chosen of the Freisnen branch of the Sarc House.

Once Commenced, Sira di Sarc would at least be physically capable of bearing young.

House of di Sarc the courtesy due its power and lineage, Faitlen, or find yourself on the Contest Floor.

I would rather know what Sira di Sarc plans than what the Council of the Clan has arranged.

In Sarc Three you make the delay even longer, so it really hurts when she finally gets it.

He gave the dork a small Sarc 1 smile as the guy turned and headed off.

Her face wore an expressionless mouth below a pair of big, guileless eyes, the classic attitude of Sarc 3.

She could count on Beverly to add a few Sarc 3 or even Sarc 2 or 1 comments, just to let Charlotte know she knew.

Thoms was looking at her and smiling, toobut could it be with some sort of twisted Sarc 3 cruelty?

The thought of having Beverly look her up and down, ask questions, make insidious Sarc 3 commentsor ignore her, the way she had for the first monthwas more than she could bear.

Lord Nigel Bloodragon, Duke of Sarcen picked her up and set her to one side.

Miles of narrow country lanes separated her from the Sarcen Stones, and the day was far advanced.

To bring that other Sarah to Mooncoign, she must reach the Sarcen Stones by sunset.

In the distance the Sarcen Stones were still veiled in night as the rising sun kindled an azure world into color.