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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
keep calm/awake/sane etc
▪ I was struggling to keep awake.
▪ Precious, precocious, pretentious and very much in control, he seems perfectly sane.
▪ Otherwise sane men were nearly hysterical trying to get rebels to change their minds.
▪ A less religious or a more sane man than the fanatic would have shut up.
▪ How could a sane man have returned to such a life, knowing such a fate was likely?
▪ He called himself Walter, and why, you wonder, would any sane man do that?
▪ What possible reason could a sane man have for thanking her for an evening that had never happened?
▪ Compared with most of them, Hess is a decent man, a sane man.
▪ Hey, staying out of Dogpatch is motivation enough for any sane person.
▪ Consciousness during wakefulness in a sane person is pretty well ordered and familiar.
▪ So, a sane person protects her butter.
▪ There are numerous recent cases of character assassination and reputation assault that would discourage any sane person from accepting high government appointment.
▪ Exercise keeps me sane. If I didn't exercise, the stress would get to me.
▪ I don't think any sane person would take his threats seriously.
▪ It was a relief to hear one sane voice among all the shouting and hysteria.
▪ Mass transit is the only sane way to get around New York.
▪ No sane person would accept a high-level job there.
▪ No sane person would believe such garbage!
▪ Of course he isn't mad. He's as sane as you or I.
▪ To his neighbours, Peter appeared perfectly sane.
▪ And quite sane friends of mine, whose opinions I respect over other things, believe in this terrible religion.
▪ But when I awoke I was sane.
▪ He was sane in every respect but one, and that was his stratospheric sense of self-importance.
▪ It is readable, reasonably comprehensive and its recommendations, when I have been able to check them out, seem sane.
▪ Nobody sane would kidnap a boy just to get back photographs of themselves.
▪ Their withdrawal, their separatism, was, they said, a sane response to an insane world.
▪ Who among us is so righteous that a sane society would entrust her with the power to obliterate a city?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sane \Sane\, a. [L. sanus; cf. Gr. ?, ?, safe, sound. Cf. Sound, a.]

  1. Being in a healthy condition; not deranged; acting rationally; -- said of the mind.

  2. Mentally sound; possessing a rational mind; having the mental faculties in such condition as to be able to anticipate and judge of the effect of one's actions in an ordinary maner; -- said of persons.

    Syn: Sound; healthy; underanged; unbroken.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1721, back-formation from sanity or else from Latin sanus "sound, healthy," in figurative or transferred use, "of sound mind, rational, sane," also, of style, "correct;" of uncertain origin. Used earlier, of the body, with the sense of "healthy" (1620s). Related: Sanely.


a. 1 Being in a healthy condition; not deranged; acting rationally. 2 mental sound; possessing a rational mind; having the mental faculties in such condition as to be able to anticipate and judge the effect of one's actions in an ordinary manner. 3 Rational; reasonable; sensible.

  1. adj. mentally healthy; free from mental disorder; "appears to be completely sane" [ant: insane]

  2. marked by sound judgment; "sane nuclear policy" [syn: reasonable]

SANE (charity)

SANE is a leading UK mental health charity working to improve quality of life for people affected by mental illness.

Sane (Pallene)

Sane was an ancient Greek city in Pallene headland of Chalcidice. It is located between Mende and Potidaea. The city was a member of the Delian League. It is mentioned by Herodotus in connection with the march of Xerxes I in Thrace.

Sane (Acte)

Sane was an ancient Greek city in Acte headland of Chalcidice. It was founded by Andrians in the 7th century BC. The ruins of the ancient city were found in the 21st century. Sane in Acte (or Athos) is mentioned by Herodotus in reference to the march of Xerxes I in Thrace.


Sane is an English word meaning "of sound mind"; see Sanity.

Sane may refer to the following locations:

  • Sane (Pallene), ancient Greek city on Pallene
  • Sane (Acte), ancient Greek city on Acte (Mount Athos)
  • An archaeological site and a modern name of Sani, Greece
  • Sâne Vive, a river in France
  • Sane, Mali
  • Vicecomodoro Ángel de la Paz Aragonés Airport, the ICAO code for the airport in Argentina

Sane or Sané may refer to the following people:

  • Sane Guruji, Indian author and social reformer
  • Abdoulaye Sané, Senegalese footballer
  • Dan Sane, American musician
  • Geeta Sane, Indian writer
  • Ibrahima Sané, Senegalese footballer
  • Ismaila Sané, Senegalese musician
  • Jacques-Noël Sané, French naval engineer
  • Justin Sane, American guitarist and singer for punk rock band Anti-Flag
  • Justin Bastard Sane, American comic book writer
  • Landing Sané, French basketball player
  • Leroy Sané, German footballer
  • Ludovic Sané, Senegalese footballer
  • Narayan Sane, Indian cricket umpire
  • Pape Sané, Senegalese footballer
  • Salif Sané, Senegalese footballer
  • Sanjeev Sane, Indian political and social activist
  • Souleyman Sané, Senegalese footballer
  • Tidiane Sane, Senegalese footballer
  • Vieux Sané, Senegalese footballer

Sane, SANE, or S.A.N.E. may also refer to:

  • SANE, the Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy, now known as Peace Action
  • SANE (charity), a mental health charity in the UK
  • Scanner Access Now Easy, a free software package for scanner, webcam and digicam computer access
  • Standard Apple Numerics Environment, an obsolete software implementation of IEEE 754 floating point arithmetic
  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, a nurse with specialized training in the care and forensic examination of victims of sexual assault
  • Society for Andaman and Nicobar Ecology
  • SaNe stands for Sano Sansar Nepal a Local N.G.O. of Pokhara city of Nepal which is mainly established for physical, mental, social and economy development of children, adolescent and youth.

Sane, may refer to the following in music:

  • Sane, a song from One Second by Paradise Lost
  • Sane, a song from The True Human Design by Meshuggah
  • San E, a South Korean rapper

Usage examples of "sane".

But I wonder how someone sane could immerse himself in such insanity, especially when there was no evidence of antisocial behavior prior to the killings.

And with regard to these we must be guided by their wishes as expressed by them when sane: so that, if then they manifested a desire to receive Baptism, it should be given to them when in a state of madness or imbecility, even though then they refuse.

In the four months since that interview with Mansfield I suppose only Jazz and Stevens had kept me anything like sane.

At the same time, those in Flux even with great personal power were somewhat limited: the massive power tended to corrupt massively as well, and none of the truly great wizards who established their own Fluxlands could be considered sane.

Jasmine had found morticians to be some of the most stable and sane people she had ever met.

Christmas celebration in 1455 Henry VI made a public appearance and acted quite sane, York gave up the protectorship again.

Sane or inSane, she was in danger if Senator Warfield considered her of sufficient importance to bring him out on horseback to the Quirt ranch.

She will have the legal right, once she is sane again, to open her redacted memories, and let herself go insane again.

Is he likely to possess a sane judgment when he refuses to lend you one hundred sequins?

I suppose it was sane: The Serpent Swarmers had been alerted, and they came in strong.

Ishamael had died mad, true, but even when he was still sane, back when it seemed they surely would drive Lews Therin Telamon to defeat, he claimed this struggle had gone on since the Creation, an endless war between the Great Lord and the Creator using human surrogates.

It could not be said that life till now with Elliot Hoover had been entirely logical or sane, but this - this was pure, unadulterated, looney-bin talk.

Oppie and the rest of them were going to break the sky, kick humanity right in the crotch, and unleash a prowling monster that would go up and down by night and day peering in all the windows of all the houses in the world, leaving no sane man ever unterrified for his life and the lives of his kin.

Cass, I feel confident, is sufficiently detached and sane to realize that what is veridical for him may be sheer extravagance for others, who have no direct experience by which to judge his claims.

I feel confident, is sufficiently detached and sane to realize that what is veridical for him may be sheer extravagance for others, who have no direct experience by which to judge his claims.