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Are you one of those people who prefer intellectual puzzles to video games? If it is so, the site Word Finder is the right place for you as it has been designed for creative people who appreciate the word and do not afford mangling words or using them in a completely different meaning. The problem is that one can find it difficult to perform various manipulations with words, make word-shifters and define the lexical meaning of a word. Now you have an excellent online assistant that will solve the problem.

Schoolchildren, students of philology, foreigners and just people who like word games, solving crossword puzzles and word search by letters will find this site useful.

Word Finder includes several sections and each of them helps solve a separate problem, namely:

  • Word Search by Letters and Syllables
  • Word Search by Initial Letters
  • Word Search by Last Letters
  • Word Search by Letters
  • Rhyme Search
  • Anagram Solver
  • Unscramble words
  • Words Definition Search

Click on word search and solve the problems.

You will be pleased with easy navigation and simple and clear interface.

Search words containing letters
Examples: w***ac, r****, u***ce, r***w*, ****em
Search words starting with letter
Examples: z*, o*, wv*, a*, kha*
Search words ending with letter
Examples: *ky, *wns, *an, *b, *gmo
Search words containing letter
Examples: *ub*, *ca*, *as*, *n*, *k*
Find rhymes
Anagram solver
Examples: kanb, ditcer
Find word definitions
Examples: credit bank insurance