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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sely \Se"ly\, a. Silly. [Obs.]
--Chaucer. Wyclif.

Usage examples of "sely".

She set them all beside Avelyn and asked something about the goods in the cart, then asked if she could go help Sely with something or other.

Then she and Sely fashioned the furs into something of a bed and made it up with the linens.

And he cceeded, even more than fory, who obviously and sely intended to take a back seat and allow Bart to inc.

Adam Lovekyn, William Tonge, Thomas Welford, Robert Lucas, John Hadley, John Northampton, John Organ, and John Sely, were appointed collectors of the two fifteenths.

The earl of Huntingdon, Sir Thomas Blount, and Sir Benedict Sely, who were also taken prisoners, suffered death, with many others of the conspirators, by orders from Henry.

The sely tonge may wel rynge and chymbe Of wrecchednesse that passed is ful yoore.