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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
419 scam
▪ I spent more than $4000 before I realized the whole thing was a scam.
▪ She and her boyfriend were involved in a scam to get $5 million from the company.
▪ The offer of a "free" vacation to Florida sounds like a scam to me.
▪ The welfare scam was costing the federal government hundreds of thousands of dollars.
▪ What are some ways to recognize phony charity scams?
▪ He liked to play scams too much.
▪ However, these scams are not connected to the mainstream offshore financial services community, which continues to offer good products.
▪ The law and order section is a prime target for every kind of scam.
▪ Then the scams will be uncovered.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1963, noun and verb, U.S. slang, a carnival term, of unknown origin. Perhaps related to 19c. British slang scamp "cheater, swindler" (see scamp (n.)).


n. fraudulent deal. vb. To defraud or embezzle.


n. a fraudulent business scheme [syn: cozenage]


v. deprive of by deceit; "He swindled me out of my inheritance"; "She defrauded the customers who trusted her"; "the cashier gypped me when he gave me too little change" [syn: victimize, swindle, rook, goldbrick, nobble, diddle, bunco, defraud, mulct, gyp, con]

Scam (disambiguation)

A scam or confidence trick is an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining their confidence.

Scam may also refer to:

  • "Scam" (song), a song by Jamiroquai
  • Scam (album), an album by the Screaming Jets
  • Scientific Certainty Argumentation Methods
  • Superconducting camera
  • Soluble cell adhesion molecules (sCAM)
  • SCAM – SCSI Configured Automatically
  • Scam (film)
  • The Scam Artist (2004 film)
  • The Scam (2009 film)
  • SCAM Spa an Italian truck manufacturer.
Scam (album)

Scam is the fifth studio album by the Australian band The Screaming Jets. It was their first record to be released under Grudge Records, after leaving rooArt. The album debuted and peaked at number 36. Singles taken from the album were "Individuality", "Higher With You" and "I Need Your Love".

Scam (song)

"Scam" is a song by the British band Jamiroquai. The song appeared on the band's second album, The Return of the Space Cowboy. It is most often cited by fans as one of the most powerful protest songs by the band. Live performances of the song during the The Return of the Space Cowboy tour usually began with a lengthy trumpet solo, and have placed the song at the end of a long chain of songs segued into one another (most often in the order " Blow Your Mind", " Light Years", "Who the Funk Do You Think You Are?", " Emergency on Planet Earth", "Scam"). During the following tours, the song was mostly standalone. A "smooth remix" of the song was planned for a cancelled remix album called Interpretations from Beyond, which was scheduled to be released after Travelling Without Moving.

Scam (film)

Scam is a 1993 television film adaptation of crime drama novel by Craig Smith named Ladystinger. It originally aired on Showtime in May 1993.

Usage examples of "scam".

He and I are affinity bonded, which means I can quite literally smell out any scams you dickheads cook up.

Tell the law I think Arroyo had his own building bombed as part of a fund-raising scam?

The usual pattern was a small scam that got bigger and bigger, until the scammer attracted attention by overreaching.

The crack dealer, the shoplifter, the welfare scammer, the chain snatcher.

Indications were that he had no Hollywood or music industry contacts, that he was a con man who had pulled similar stunts in other states and who had successfully scammed several Bonita Vista residents before disappearing.

The rumor is that they do some big-league industrial-materials theft, contract fraud, union scams, phantom hours, world-class featherbedding, drugs.

He was a handsome devil who got busted and Thrown Away for operating a Ponzi investment scam that plundered the stock portfolios of a few hundred credulous old ladies in Sydney, Australia.

Mass torts are a scam, a consumer rip-off, a lottery driven by greed that will one day harm all of us.

Nothing incriminating, just Vulpes letting Vail know that he was still Aaron Stampler and that he had successfully scammed them all.

It was a simple but time-tested scam: Bribes allegedly were funneled to judges in exchange for reducing criminal bonds, suppressing evidence and divulging confidential police information.

Nemoto herself, or the other gerontocrats, who lay behind the whole scam.

Papers usually meant things she had to sign to avoid getting scammed by a school fund-raising drive.

The FTC - the US Federal Trade Commission - has taken legal action against more than 100 spammers for promoting scams and fraudulent goods and services.

She knew I got off easy: three convictions resulting from the scams I worked with Phil Turkel-a phone sales racket that involved the deployment of hardcore loops synced to rock songs and Naugahyde Bibles embossed with glow-in-the-dark pictures of the Rev.

Scott institutionalized and propounded as no one ever had before the agency scams and the pulp ethic of the 1930s, but he was as timebound a creature as A.