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Sama or SAMA may refer to:

Sama (Sufism)

Sama (, Persian and - samā‘) is a Sufi ceremony performed as dhikr. Sama means "listening", while dhikr means "remembrance". These rituals often includes singing, playing instruments, dancing, recitation of poetry and prayers, wearing symbolic attire, and other rituals. It is a particularly popular form of worship in the Chishti order of the Indian subcontinent.

In 2008, UNESCO confirmed the "The Mevlevi Sama Ceremony" of Turkey as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Sama (Harstad)

Sama is part of the town of Harstad in the municipality of Harstad in Troms county, Norway. It is located just northwest of the city center. To the north is the Samaåsen hill, to the south is the Harstadåsen hill, to the southwest is the Blåbærhaugen hill, and to the west is Bergseng. The street Samagata goes through the area.

Situated in Sama are shops, a gas station and different services, along with many people living in the area.

Sama (airline)

Sama LelTayaran Company Limited, operating as Sama, was a Saudi low-cost airline based at King Fahad International Airport, Dammam operating scheduled flights within Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The airline's registered address was in Riyadh.

Sama (song)

"Sama" (Alone) was the Polish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1995, performed in Polish by Justyna.

The song is somewhat elliptical lyrically. Justyna sings about feeling alone, comparing her state of mind to being "a little flea". She goes on to say that she feels "As if God, the good God/Didn't love little fleas".

The song was performed first on the night, preceding Ireland's Eddie Friel with " Dreamin'". At the close of voting, it had received 15 points, placing 18th in a field of 23.

The song's performance was conducted by long-standing Irish Eurovision conductor Noel Kelehan.

It was succeeded as Polish representative at the 1996 contest by Kasia Kowalska with " Chcę znać swój grzech...".

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SAMA (album)

SAMA is an album by American jazz pianist Matthew Shipp and reedist Sabir Mateen, which was recorded in 2009 and released on the Polish Not Two label. This eight part suite of completely improvised music was the first collaboration between Shipp and Mateen.

Sama (film)

Sama (English title: The Trace) is a 1988 Tunisian feature film directed by Néjia Ben Mabrouk. It is the first fictional feature film directed by a woman that was released in Tunisia. The film deals with themes in gender and education.

Usage examples of "sama".

I would then copy the page word for word myself, with the same misspellings and grammatical errors, make photocopies of both, and have Samas examine them.

Jelemi and Samas ate in silence, with the occasional grunt or gesture that one associates with people who have been living together for a very long time and feel little need for spoken communication.

At the end of the meal, Samas cleared away the platters and cups, and Jelemi looked at Kaspar.

Kaspar looked bemused by that example, and Samas pointed to his mouth.

So suffice it to say that when the gods you think of as Greater Gods, those Samas would call the Controllers, all put their minds to something, they could achieve it.

Remember what Samas told you about the true nature of the Emerald Queen: the demon who displaced her wanted to rule here and could operate outside the rules that bind us gods and you mortals.

I contacted Elias Samas, the president of the Queens Graphoanalysis Center in New York City.

A certified graphoanalyst, or handwriting expert, for twenty-five years, Samas, who is also a psychotherapist, had completed undergraduate and graduate studies at Columbia University and once served as the president of the New York chapter of the International Graphoanalysis Society.

English, French, Greek, and Arabic, Samas could provide documentation and reports in all of those languages.

I did not know Samas personally, I did know of his reputation as the premier personality profiler in the New York metropolitan area.

While Samas pegged neither of us as a killer, he made it clear that if he was to guess which one of us was involved in criminal activity it would have been me.

In Cursrah, the samas, and especially the first sama, handled worldly issues such as chastising a recalcitrant daughter.

Asano Takumi no Kami was taken to the palace of Tamura Sama at the hour of the monkey (between three and five in the afternoon), took off his dress of ceremony, partook of a bowl of soup and five dishes, and drank two cups of warm water, and at the hour of the cock (between five and seven in the evening) disembowelled himself.

She recalled how some of the children had looked just before beaming up—wide-eyed, trying to be brave but clearly frightened, the older ones certain that they would never see their homes and families again, each of them clutching one of the ancient etchings, small sculptures, or archaic artifacts Samas Rychi had given to them.

As eldest daughter of the first sama, you've inherited the largest wing of the royal house, the most personal wealth, the greatest number of maidsand been spoiled the worst, I'm afraid.