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Sworn accompany him to Segg, Gless had remained behind at Kellsjard, ostensibly to watch over Sifya.

Considering that most of the southern lords visited Segg routinely, perhaps they did.

There were plenty in Segg who would sell their own kin for the right amount of coin, and Yozerf doubted that Lord Igen would hesitate to use them.

In other words, someone else who had learned to fight on the streets of Segg, where honor and pride were without meaning, and only survival mattered.

The crumbling stonework offered plenty of hand and footholds, and he quickly found himself on the rooftop with Segg spread out beneath him.

Up here, it seemed that he was in some way removed from Segg, beyond its ability to touch him, out of sight of its ugliness.

I assure you this was the most sought-after place in Segg to be buried.

Ever since they had come to Segg, Yozerf had been gradually shutting himself away from her, building a wall of silence to stand between them.

It was almost a year before I made it back to Segg, only to find that the tenement we had lived in had burned down.

I became so good that they began to call me the Crow Queen, because the carrion birds of Segg had surely grown fat on all the corpses I left in my wake.

If the smuggler had kept his word, they would all be safely away from Segg by now, instead of sitting here trapped, afraid of Red Guard and human soldiers alike.

Cleistus had forgotten the first law of Segg, which was never to trust, never to let your guard down, and to treat everyone as a potential enemy.

There seemed no hope of escape from Segg, and she remembered the words Yozerf had spoken in Kellsjard, before they had ever left.

They were badly dressed for spring in Segg, with their thick cloaks, their armor with layers of padding beneath, helms, and high boots.

They are even now laying waste to Segg under the leadership of King Fellrant.