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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
apply for/seek/be granted asylum
▪ He has been granted asylum in France.
find/seek sanctuary
▪ Fleeing refugees found sanctuary in Geneva.
get/obtain/seek advice from an expert (=ask an expert for information or advice)
▪ Don’t make big financial decisions without first seeking advice from an expert.
give/seek/receive an assurance (that)
▪ He gave an assurance that the work would be completed by Wednesday.
seek a compromise
▪ Both Democrats and Republicans are seeking a compromise on the issue.
seek a mandate (=ask for a vote to show agreement with a leader or with ideas)
▪ The government was seeking a mandate to continue the war.
seek a nomination (=try to win it)
▪ He is seeking the Republican nomination in the Senate race.
seek advice (=try to get some advice )
▪ If you have any of these symptoms you should seek urgent advice.
seek an alternative
▪ People are seeking alternatives to meat-based dishes.
seek approval
▪ You will need to make an appointment with the bank to seek approval for the loan.
seek assistance
▪ If side-effects are severe, seek medical assistance.
seek comfort (=look for comfort)
▪ People come to us seeking comfort and guidance.
seek compensation (=try to get it)
▪ Survivors of the rail disaster are seeking compensation.
seek custodyformal (= try to get custody)
▪ Allen is seeking custody of his two children.
seek fame (=try to become famous)
▪ He sought fame in the jazz clubs of New York.
seek help (=ask for help)
▪ He decided to seek medical help for his drink problem.
seek permissionformal (= ask someone for permission)
▪ People wanting to visit the island have to seek permission from the authorities.
seek protection
▪ They were forced to seek the protection of the army.
seek publicity
▪ He sought neither reward nor publicity for his work.
seek revenge
▪ They play two women who seek revenge on their former partners.
seek sb’s approval
▪ He constantly sought his father’s approval.
seek shelterformal (= try to find shelter)
▪ They sought shelter under the trees.
seek/ask for clarification
▪ I asked for clarification on the legal position.
seek/find fulfilment
▪ The real joy of the priesthood is helping people find personal fulfilment.
seek/find solace in sth
▪ After the death of her son, Val found solace in the church.
seeking political asylum
▪ Refugees were seeking political asylum in Britain.
seeking re-election
▪ Barnes is seeking re-election.
▪ The family is seeking an injunction against the book’s publication.
seek/look for a solution
▪ The company is still seeking a solution to its financial problems.
seek/search for/look for a cure
▪ $3 billion a year is spent searching for a cure for cancer.
take/seek refuge (in sth)
▪ During the frequent air-raids, people took refuge in their cellars.
▪ Dole also sought out reporters on his campaign plane to talk about other issues.
▪ It can also seek heavy fines on landlords who discriminate.
▪ We also seek to evaluate the operation of a market economy.
▪ The project's sponsor may also seek other sources of finance to limit his or her risk from the project.
▪ The business community is also seeking reassurance that Labor is serious about tackling inflation.
▪ It will also seek to establish any general principles connected with successful schemes of joint consultation.
▪ The suit also seeks unspecified monetary damages.
▪ Our personal aspirations or dissatisfactions may lead us to seek out new opportunities.
▪ Having nothing more urgent to do, I decided to seek out Tip Anderson.
▪ His hands whispered over her, light as silk, seeking out every pale hollow and rounded slope.
▪ Like these scientists, Smith sought out cause-and-effect relationships.
▪ He did not start off as a rebel seeking out Peripatetics to confound.
▪ Our people need to seek out and identify those stories.
▪ Skippers bistro Off-beat but well worth seeking out.
▪ It is an environment where corporations will seek out the best talent anyplace in the world.
▪ It was another world, and he knew he would now have to seek advice from an expert.
▪ The parents sought the advice of others, including three psychologists, learning disability specialists, and other parents.
▪ However, Mr Nawroze does warn young debtors to seek professional advice.
▪ After seeking advice from Norman, his playing partner, Garcia took a drop, moving away from the sign.
▪ Consumers are urged not to make any hasty decisions and to seek professional advice.
▪ They had sought my advice, and I had recommended this machine.
▪ If you are concerned, seek medical advice.
▪ He claimed he should have sought legal advice before wrongfully using tax-exempt foundations to finance a televised college course.
▪ In the years that followed it expanded operations without seeking local approval, earning little goodwill in Guadalcazar.
▪ Attorneys have told the districts they must seek voter approval of existing fees imposed in the past without a public vote.
▪ Guardians will have to seek approval from the panel before instructing a solicitor in this situation.
▪ It started with skin, which it sells for burn victims and for which it is seeking approval for diabetic ulcer sufferers.
▪ I am aware of journals that alter text substantially yet never seek the authors' approval.
▪ Thompson is seeking Senate approval for a $ 6. 5 million budget to conduct wide-ranging hearings later this year.
▪ But it said it was confident of surviving and would seek shareholders' approval at a meeting on 29 April.
▪ Holding elections to seek voter approval of existing taxes and fees is another expense.
▪ In many cases it will be best to seek professional assistance from outside the firm.
▪ She can walk into a family planning clinic and seek assistance.
▪ They may be petitioned by men to help with hunting animals, or by women seeking assistance with childbirth or illness.
▪ It is often difficult for parents to seek psychological assistance.
▪ Stop therapy if side-effects are severe and seek medical assistance Give prescribed anti-emetics.
▪ A first step to improvement for work-inhibited children occurs when they begin to seek assistance.
▪ We have sought to concentrate assistance with prescription charges on those whose incomes are such that the charges cause a problem.
▪ The managers observed that their subordinates sought their assistance about a variety of problems.
▪ Listing particulars A company which is seeking a listing on the London Stock Exchange is obliged to prepare and publish listing particulars.
▪ Having determined its legal obligations based on the facts of this specific disease, the company actively sought employee cooperation.
▪ His concern for the Company led him to seek seats in Parliament, which he held from 1762 to 1774.
▪ As part of the process, the company must seek an advisory opinion from the California Attorney General.
▪ Electricity, gas and water companies have sought many years for a way to read meters without visiting the customer's premises.
▪ Each company seeks unspecified damages and injunctions that would stop the other from using its patents.
▪ Where the company is seeking general authority to purchase shares in the market they must state their intentions regarding the authority granted.
▪ In fact, many progressive companies actively seek such employee inputs.
▪ A succession of scandals finally persuaded his father that William must seek his fortune overseas.
▪ When he reached the age of reason, I confidently sent him forth to seek his fortune.
▪ Full also on the outgoing journeys with emigrants about to seek their fortune in London.
▪ All come to New Bedford to seek fortune and adventure in the fishery.
▪ The firm now believes it has virtually outgrown its market and is seeking to supplement its fortunes overseas.
▪ A fatherless, penniless boy - possessed of great determination, faith, and courage - seeks his fortune.
▪ But trade was slack so he made his way to London to seek his fortune.
▪ Indeed, seeking fortune becomes a search for a wealthy bride or patron.
▪ And the main reason was that reactionary and factious opposition led the Government to seek and obtain an immediate dissolution of Parliament.
▪ The ambitious young company laid off workers, scaled back projects and went to government regulators seeking financial relief.
▪ Newly formed governments seek deliberately to reverse their predecessors' communications policies.
▪ Occasionally people say to me that the Government are seeking to turn health care into a business.
▪ Lalonde said that the government would seek alternative solutions to the energy demands of farmers and industrialists.
▪ Both governments agreed to seek financial support for the construction of the necessary road and transport links.
▪ In contrast, no government has sought to remain in office after losing a parliamentary vote of confidence.
▪ A patient seeks help and is therefore vulnerable.
▪ He had no one to confide in and would have seen seeking psychiatric help himself as a sign of weakness.
▪ It was a combination that destroyed his ability to cope with life, and he sought psychiatric help in 1950.
▪ It takes courage for parents to permit themselves to be vulnerable and seek psychological help.
▪ In the face of an epidemic which was sweeping away our friends and lovers, we sought help where we could.
▪ He told the court that he had not used drugs since his arrest and had voluntarily sought help and advice.
▪ Granato began experiencing headaches so severe, he sought medical help.
▪ To form a judgement he seeks further information.
▪ Many young people seek information from libraries that they are embarrassed or are afraid to ask an adult.
▪ A consumer is not the only person to whom information relates, but the consumer seeks more than personal information.
▪ Council members actively began to seek information about the mechanics of housing rehabilitation programs in other cities.
▪ Are you wanting commitment or merely agreement to seek further information?
▪ Voters seeking nonpartisan information on the issues and candidates' stands can access thousands of Web sites.
▪ A cottage industry has even sprung up among companies that provide information about other people seeking information.
▪ Where a government body seeks an injunction against a private individual or corporation, the position may be different.
▪ The protesters have also filed a federal lawsuit seeking damages and an injunction against certain uses of pepper spray.
▪ Compaq is seeking an injunction to force Dell to tone down the ads.
▪ The civil liberties group is seeking a preliminary injunction barring Republican Gov.
▪ It also seeks injunctions aimed at preventing such use.
▪ Agency staffers want the Commission to seek a Federal court injunction barring Microsoft from what they consider abusive practices.
▪ Keating wondered if the Justice Department could seek an injunction against those harassing the marchers.
▪ I shall seek to remain in order by referring to what is in the Bill.
▪ Carter said he sought help in order to save his marriage.
▪ They seek an order that Hambros Jersey restore the money to the company.
▪ Their intent is to seek a court order to stop the tax collection.
▪ If certiorari only declares what is the case anyway, why would a person bother to seek such an order?
▪ Instead, McGee said he would seek a temporary restraining order from a judge to halt the appointment.
▪ It is usually sought in addition to an order of certiorari and is designed to ensure the performance of a public duty.
▪ The prosecutor does not, however, seek an order that the case be remitted to the magistrate to continue the hearing.
▪ The burden of proving that a clause satisfies the reasonableness test is on the party who seeks to rely on the clause.
▪ One party may seek to reject a point in the sale agreement because it was not covered in the heads of terms.
▪ Moreover, the Labour Party does not seek a mandate for its policies from the Northern Ireland electorate.
▪ The Communist Party is seeking to develop radical socialist politics in Britain.
▪ The Independent, launched in October 1986 with venture capital, seeks to be independent of political party dogma.
▪ A local Labour party will seek a candidate by inviting nominations.
▪ The Lib Dems are far weaker politically than the party he seeks to replace.
▪ The only alternative was to seek the support of the National Socialists.
▪ Schmidt said Bertelsmann was continuing to seek the support of other music companies in remaking Napster.
▪ The Profitboss is wary of finance people, seeking their support but running miles to avoid their control.
▪ And, as noted earlier, the finance and senior executives at TeleCable already have the skills needed to seek equity-based support.
▪ Then, seek the support of other students who are similarly distracted.
▪ Adolescents, as is appropriate, sought each other out in public places and sought support from each other.
▪ They are seeking new supports that are at one and the same time local and yet related to their universal goals.
▪ They had many ties in the larger organization, friends and past coworkers from whom they could seek support and companionship.
▪ Do you think the President will seek re-election?
▪ Economics graduate, aged 25, with business experience, seeks interesting part-time work in the West London area.
▪ If you are at all worried about your symptoms, you should seek medical advice.
▪ In his lawsuit, Wyman is seeking $12 million in damages from his former employers.
▪ Take two tablets every four hours. If symptoms persist, seek medical advice.
▪ The Carsons sought advice from their lawyer.
▪ The government is seeking support from teachers for its latest education reforms.
▪ The number of needy Americans seeking emergency food and shelter increased by 7% last year.
▪ Each person has never sought an honour or payment for their selfless work, preferring quietly to get on with the job.
▪ Holding elections to seek voter approval of existing taxes and fees is another expense.
▪ It seeks to put legislative power directly into the hands of the people and circumvent the long-standing institutions of representative government.
▪ It presumes that reality is dynamic rather than static, and therefore seeks relationships between ideas, to aim at synthesis.
▪ Or shall we seek comfort in the language of religion?
▪ Significantly, almost 66 % of the patients reported previously seeking treatment from other physicians for their erectile dysfunction.
▪ The counsellor should seek to be as warm, supportive and caring as possible.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Seek \Seek\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Sought; p. pr. & vb. n. Seeking.] [OE. seken, AS. s[=e]can, s[=e]cean; akin to OS. s[=o]kian, LG. s["o]ken, D. zoeken, OHG. suohhan, G. suchen, Icel. s[ae]kja, Sw. s["o]ka, Dan. s["o]ge, Goth. s[=o]kjan, and E. sake. Cf. Beseech, Ransack, Sagacious, Sake, Soc.]

  1. To go in search of; to look for; to search for; to try to find.

    The man saked him, saying, What seekest thou? And he said, I seek my brethren.
    --Gen. xxxvii. 15, 16.

  2. To inquire for; to ask for; to solicit; to beseech.

    Others, tempting him, sought of him a sign.
    --Luke xi. 16.

  3. To try to acquire or gain; to strive after; to aim at; as, to seek wealth or fame; to seek one's life.

  4. To try to reach or come to; to go to; to resort to.

    Seek not Bethel, nor enter into Gilgal.
    --Amos v.

  5. Since great Ulysses sought the Phrygian plains.


Seek \Seek\, a. Sick. [Obs.]


Seek \Seek\, v. i. To make search or inquiry; to endeavor to make discovery.

Seek ye out of the book of the Lord, and read.
--Isa. xxxiv. 16.

To seek, needing to seek or search; hence, unprepared. ``Unpracticed, unprepared, and still to seek.''

To seek after, to make pursuit of; to attempt to find or take.

To seek for, to endeavor to find.

To seek to, to apply to; to resort to; to court. [Obs.] ``All the earth sought to Solomon, to hear his wisdom.''
--1 Kings x. 24.

To seek upon, to make strict inquiry after; to follow up; to persecute. [Obs.]

To seek Upon a man and do his soul unrest.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English secan "inquire, search for; pursue; long for, wish for, desire; look for, expect from," influenced by Old Norse soekja, both from Proto-Germanic *sokjan (cognates: Old Saxon sokian, Old Frisian seka, Middle Dutch soekan, Old High German suohhan, German suchen, Gothic sokjan), from PIE *sag-yo-, from root *sag- "to track down, seek out" (cognates: Latin sagire "to perceive quickly or keenly," sagus "presaging, predicting," Old Irish saigim "seek"). The natural modern form of the Anglo-Saxon word as uninfluenced by Norse is in beseech. Related: Sought; seeking.


vb. (lb en transitive) To try to find, to look for, to search.

  1. v. try to get or reach; "seek a position"; "seek an education"; "seek happiness"

  2. try to locate or discover, or try to establish the existence of; "The police are searching for clues"; "They are searching for the missing man in the entire county" [syn: search, look for]

  3. make an effort or attempt; "He tried to shake off his fears"; "The infant had essayed a few wobbly steps"; "The police attempted to stop the thief"; "He sought to improve himself"; "She always seeks to do good in the world" [syn: try, attempt, essay, assay]

  4. go to or towards; "a liquid seeks its own level"

  5. inquire for; "seek directions from a local"

  6. [also: sought]

  1. n. the movement of a read/write head to a specific data track on a disk

  2. [also: sought]


Seek may refer to:

  • Disk seek, in which the read head of a magnetic disk repositions itself
  • Zero seek
  • Rent seeking
  • Job seeking
  • Goal seeking
  • Seek Limited, an Australian recruitment website
Seek (NCIS)

"Seek" is the 18th episode of the tenth season of the American police procedural drama NCIS, and the 228th episode overall. It originally aired on CBS in the United States on March 19, 2013. The episode is written by Scott Williams and directed by Michael Weatherly, and was seen by 19.79 million viewers.

In the episode, a widowed Marine wife, whose husband was seemingly killed by a Taliban sniper, asks Gibbs' help to find out the truth. Meanwhile, Vance is conducting interviews for a nanny.

Usage examples of "seek".

Since Bull Shockhead would bury his brother, and lord Ralph would seek the damsel, and whereas there is water anigh, and the sun is well nigh set, let us pitch our tents and abide here till morning, and let night bring counsel unto some of us.

Both Abigail and Moira laughed with delight as they sought to hold down the billowing cloth.

He started to intone another spell, but the archmage struck again, seeking to dispel any enchantments or abjurations protecting the lich.

The latter privilege was deemed to have been abridged by city officials who acted in pursuance of a void ordinance which authorized a director of safety to refuse permits for parades or assemblies on streets or parks whenever he believed riots could thereby be avoided and who forcibly evicted from their city union organizers who sought to use the streets and parks for the aforementioned purposes.

Several lawsuits sought to ensure that these overseas absentee ballots were included in the final count.

Zaguri and the house of Memmo, who both sought after his always interesting conversation, accepting from this man all he had of good, and closing their eyes, on account of his genius, upon the perverse parts of his nature.

Intellectual-Principle which actually is the primals and is always self-present and is in its nature an Act, never by any want forced to seek, never acquiring or traversing the remote--for all such experience belongs to soul--but always self-gathered, the very Being of the collective total, not an extern creating things by the act of knowing them.

They sought to wear away at the armies of Xacatecas and Acoma, here through attrition, and there through the nerve-sawing, actionless boredom.

Marathe was an addicted man waiting for seeking treatment by admission.

Parker even more when she bade me a simple adieu, and did not seek to impress upon me the virtues of this or that plow, the rakes and tines and blades of which were pendant from the ceiling in a Damoclean display.

So after you have read Metamorphosis, if you are curious about the story of Tasha Yar and Darryl Adin, referred to here, you may decide to seek out Survivors, available wherever Star Trek books are sold.

Lyceum and the other places usually cited, are near the middle--what need have we to go further and seek beyond Place, admitting as we do that we refer in every instance to a place?

I pray every hour that none of this will come to pass, but while I pray, I seek out men of experience to aid in the earthly battle, and I admonish all I see to offer up their orisons to God and the Mother Maria for the salvation of our city and our souls.

He devoted all his great energies to the advancement of the welfare of his countrymen while shrinking from public notice, and sought to lay deep and strong the foundations of government which it was supposed would rise from the ruins of the old.

Senor Archbishop Turpin, it is a great discredit to those of us called the Twelve Peers to do nothing more and allow the courtier knights victory in this tourney, when we, the knights who seek adventures, have won glory on the three previous days.