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fem. proper name, alternative spelling of Sarah.

Sara (artist)

Sara (born March 17, 1950 in Nantes, France) is a French artist. She has been living in Paris since 1971. She received the Golden Apple at the 20th Biennial Illustrations Bratislava in 2005.

SARA (computer)

SARA (SAABs räkneautomat, SAAB's calculating machine) was developed by SAAB when the capacity of BESK was insufficient for their needs. The project was started the fall of 1955 and became operational in 1956. SARA was built using the drawings of BESK that SAAB had bought for a symbolic sum and with the help of people who had worked with BESK, but didn't stay when Matematikmaskinnämnden decided that there would be no second generation. SARA wasn't used much, but it became the start of DataSAAB and the development of CK37 and D2.

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Sara may refer to:

Sara (1992 film)

Sara (, also Romanized as Sārā) is a 1992 motion picture directed by Dariush Mehrjui. The film is based on Henrik Ibsen's play A Doll's House, with Sara in the role of Nora, Hessam in the role of Torvald, Sima in the role of Ms Linde and Goshtasb in the role of Nils Krogstad.

The movie won the Audience Award at the Nantes Three Continents Festival, and tied for the Golden Seashell at the San Sebastián International Film Festival, where Niki Karimi won Best Actress award (Silver Seashell) for the title role and Yassamin Maleknasr Best Supporting Actress in Fajer Film Festival

Sara (Starship song)

"Sara" is a song recorded by the American rock band Starship which reached number-one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart on March 15, 1986. It was sung only by Mickey Thomas, of the newly renamed band Starship, from their first album Knee Deep in the Hoopla; for this single, Grace Slick only provided the backing vocals.

The recording became one of the best-selling singles of 1986 in NorthAmerica, meanwhile in Europe and Australia it received poor reception, specially in the United Kingdom. The song debuted at number 39 on January 18, 1986 and stayed at the top position for one week. It was the band's second number-one hit after the song " We Built This City" hit the mark a few months earlier in 1985. It also became the band's first number-one song on the adult contemporary chart, where it remained for three weeks. Although written by Peter and Ina Wolf, the song was named for Thomas's wife at the time, Sara (née Kendrick).

Sara (Belgian TV series)

Sara is a Flemish telenovela, based upon the Colombian telenovela Betty La Fea. It tells the story of Sara De Roose, a business economics graduate, who passed with honours at the university but has trouble finding a job—until she comes across an assistant job in a Belgian fashion company, called "Présence". The company is looking for a new general manager, and Sara arrival coincides with the two CEOs arguing who this has to be.

The series was broadcast by the commercial station VTM, upon which it was shown every weekday at 6:25 pm. On Sunday, VTM broadcast all episodes of last week, called 'De Week van Sara' (= Sara's week). Sara premiered on 25 September 2007 and ended in June 2008, after 200 episodes. A new telenovela called "LouisLouise" (about a guy named Louis, who turns into a woman (Louise) by a spell) replaced Sara as of September 2008.

Sara begins the series as the ugly duckling, mocked by many of her colleagues for being "ugly". As the series progresses, she develops confidence, moves up the ladder, becomes more powerful and explores romantic interests. The series also focuses on fellow Présence employees, and their relationships and career problems.

The show was written by a team of writers, led by Hugo Van Laere. He already wrote many scripts for Flemish TV series and movies, such as 16+, Rupel, and Dennis van Rita. The series was directed by Serge Bierset, Renaat Coppens, Filip Van Neyghem and Geoffrey Enthoven. The latter already directed many Flemish movies, such as The Only One and Happy Together.

Sara (Fleetwood Mac song)

"Sara" is a song written by singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks by British-American pop/ rock band Fleetwood Mac as a single from the 1979 Tusk double LP. The album version is 6:22 minutes and the edited version is 4:41 minutes. The song peaked at No. 7 on the U.S. charts for three weeks, No. 37 in the UK for two weeks, No. 11 in Australia and No. 12 in Canada. Its success has led to it being included in various later best-of albums such as 2002's The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac.

Sara (U.S. 1985 TV series)

Sara is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from January to May 1985. Starring Geena Davis in the title role, the series features early performances from several actors who went on to greater acclaim, including Alfre Woodard, Bronson Pinchot and Bill Maher. Sara was set in a San Francisco Legal Aid office and featured one of the earliest regular gay characters on an American television series (Dennis Kemper, played by Pinchot).

Sara (band)

Sara is a Finnish alternative rock/metal band from Kaskinen established in the mid-1990s by Jorma Korhonen, Antti Tuomivirta, Tommi Koivikko and Kristian Udd. Drummer Eetu Uusitalo was added in 1997. The vocalist Joa Korhonen joined in after winning a talent contest and soon the band was signed to Kråklund Records. In 2005, and after Andreas Backlund joined the band in 2005, they were signed to Universal Records Finland

Sara (U.S. 1976 TV series)

Sara is a 1976 United States Western television series starring Brenda Vaccaro centering around a schoolteacher in Colorado in the 1870s. It aired from February 13 to May 7, 1976.

After Sara ended, a television movie, Territorial Men, compiled from footage shot for the weekly series, was broadcast on July 30, 1976.

Sara (2015 film)

Sara, formerly known as Que Sera Sera , is a 2015 Hong Kong psychological thriller film directed by Herman Yau and starring Charlene Choi and Simon Yam. The film was released on March 5, 2015.

Sara (1997 film)

Sara was a Polish movie in 1997 directed by Maciej Ślesicki.

Usage examples of "sara".

With her parents on one side of her and her little sisters, Andrena and Sara, on the other, Clea felt ready to walk to the observation deck to take a look at their new home.

Michael Berman, Sara Bershtel, Chauna Brocht, Kristine Dahl, Frank Herd and Sarah Bourassa, Kristine Jacobs, Clara Jeffery, Tom Engelhardt, Deb Konechne, Marc Linder, John Newton, Frances Fox Piven, Peter Rachleff, Bill Sokal, David Wagner, Jennifer Wheeler, and Patti.

I also owe many thanks to my team of beta readers on this one for all their help and encouragement: Holly Benton, Francesca Coppa, Dana Dupont, Doris Egan, Diana Fox, Vanessa Len, Shelley Mitchell, Georgina Paterson, Sara Rosenbaum, L.

Holly Benton, Francesca Coppa, Dana Dupont, Doris Egan, Diana Fox, Vanessa Len, Shelley Mitchell, Georgina Paterson, Sara Rosenbaum, L.

Sara spoke to Daniel Tersch in Dugway, two hours earlier than promised.

Running side by side, Vicky and Sara turned the corner of the shed and ran almost into the arms of a dozen Gallas coming at a run in the opposite direction.

Clair, Eleanor Wachtel, Cindi Warner, Mindy Werner, the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, and, as always, my family: John, Audrey, Anne, Catherine, Meg, Sara, and, especially, Don.

Beyond him I could see Sara standing impatiently amongst the forest of bentwood hatstands, Welsh dressers, bronze statuettes, library steps, and commodes.

Tuck was puffing and panting, trying to boost Smith onto one of the hobbies, Sara already was on one of them, sitting straight and prim, the perfect picture of a gal on the threshold of a very great adventure, and that, of course, was all it was to her-another great adventure.

Sara and as I jerked my head around, I saw the hobbies charging us, rocking forward on their rear rockers and their front rockers lifted menacingly.

Sara wore white Mephisto slides, a sleeveless white dress with a deep V neckline, and her laciest bra and panty set to her wedding.

Laura and her two cousins, with their little tea-cups in their hands, all laughing and talking like sisters, while George held up some absurd photographs of a stout, round-faced little girl, with a strongly--curved mouth, which he declared to be portraits of Sara in her early youth, Louey felt that her world contained all she could desire, or nearly all, for Louey had not forgotten that a wonderful thing was to happen the same evening, which would make her happiness altogether complete.

Sara had a bracelet, and Louey came running into the room with an apronful of the most captivating picture-books in the most gorgeous of bindings, to kiss her father over and over again, and to assure him that Father Christmas had given her what she liked better than anything she could have chosen for herself.

Marghe, just like Sara Hiam, just like all those Jeep personnel, Mirror and civilian, who were busy decorating their mods, making their own clothes, and weaving beautiful tapestries.

Sara in her Best Buddies and Class Motormouth photos, taken when she was still summertime skinny.