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Sall is a village and a church parish in the Favrskov municipality in the Danish region of Midtjylland. In former times the village has been known as Sal, Sald (Pontoppidan) and Salle (Trap). The village itself has a population of 229 (1 January 2014) and is placed in the middle of the Sall Parish. It is situated at .

In the village there is a church belonging to the Danish Lutheran church, a village hall, and a primary school covering the first seven classes with just under 100 pupils. There is also a Kindergarten and a repair shop.

In the middle of the 20th century the village also had three grocery stores, butcher, baker, post office and several other shops. They are now closed. From 1914 to 1956 Sall was a station on the railroadline Aarhus- Hammel- Thorsø.

Sall (disambiguation)

Sall can refer to:

  • Sall, a village and a church parish in the Danish region of Midtjylland
  • Sall, Ras al-Khaimah, settlement in the United Arab Emirates
  • SALL, the symbol for the sal-like proteins:
    • SALL1
    • SALL2
    • SALL3
    • SALL4
  • In Assembly language, the " shift arithmeticleft long" command
Sall (river)

'''Sall ''' is a river of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Usage examples of "sall".

Lord sall send the rod of thy strength out of Zion: rule thou in the midst of thy enemies.

Were His enemies never so many, and never so despiteful against Him, yet He sall rule in the midst of them.

And indeed this is a very admirable part of His kingly office, that even in the midst of His enemies He sall have a kingdom for Himself, in despite of them, and all that they can do or say against it.

And sall we think that a ministry shines into a land for the upholding of the grandeur of some few persons.

Me, being in covenant with Me, I sall perform it for you also, at least I sall give you strength to perform it.

A second day of His power sall be the day of the resurrection of our bodies out of the dust.

And I may say, if ye be but willing to hazard all that ye have, that may be the heaviest distress that ever ye sall be put to.

That is, as the dew is multiplied upon the earth, so sall thy people be.

And they think, if the gospel continue in the purity thereof, all the kirks that they are building, with the rest, sall have enough ado to contain them.

Even so, will it not be a shame, that all others sall be stirred up, and ye not a whit stirred up in this day more than if there were not such a thing?

David says, I have purposed, I have promised, I have sworn, and I sall perform Thy righteous statutes.