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Seir (, "Rough, hairy"). It is sometimes used as an alternative term for a goat, as in Seir La'Azazel (שעיר לעזאזל - scapegoat).

  • Seir - "Prince" in Ancient Egyptian, a name used by the Egyptians to refer the god of the dead known to the Greeks as Osiris. The term "Seir" was also used by the Egyptians to refer to the constellation Orion, which was considered to be a representation of the god Osiris in the heavens.
  • In Biblical Astronomy, (the study of "the Gospel in the Stars," an examination of the constellations in Earth’s night sky to discern the hidden allegorical message within them), Seir refers to a star in the constellation Orion, considered to be a Messiah figure representing Christ.
  • Ancestor of the "dukes of the Horites" in the land of Seir, later Edom (Gen. 36:20-30).
  • Mount Seir, a mountainous region occupied by the Edomites, extending along the eastern side of the Arabah from the south-eastern extremity of the Dead Sea to near the Akabah, or the eastern branch of the Red Sea. It was originally occupied by the Horites ( Genesis 14:6), who were afterwards driven out by the Edomites (Gen. 32:3; 33:14, 16). It was allotted to the descendants of Esau ( Deuteronomy 2:4, 22; Joshua 24:4; 2 Chronicles 20:10; Isaiah 21:11; Ezekiel. 25:8).
  • An Arab village north of Hebron, also spelled Sa'ir or Si`ir. It has rock-cut burial caves, one attributed to Esau, the "hairy-one". Believed to be the site of or Zior (ציער), mentioned in the Book of Joshua 15:54.
  • Seir (demon), prince of Hell in demonology.
  • A mountain range (not the Edomite range, Gen. 32:3) lying between the Wady Aly and the Wady Ghurab (Josh. 15:10).
  • For SEIR (all capitals), see Compartmental models in epidemiology.

Usage examples of "seir".

Cognition, a priori and a posteriori explained by Malakoth behind Seir Aupin, 799-l.

Harmony consisting of the six parts of Seir Aupin represented by Vau, 799-l.

Vau represents the Beauty or Harmony, consisting of the six parts which constitute Seir Anpin.

The SEIR still scans the area for a thousand miles around the target area, and that includes the Arabian Sea and the Nimitz.