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Savu (also known as Sawu, Sabu, Sawoe, Havu, Hawu, Hawoe) is the largest of a group of three islands, situated midway between Sumba and Rote, west of Timor, in Indonesia's eastern province, East Nusa Tenggara. Ferries connect the islands to Waingapu, on Sumba, and Kupang, in West Timor. It is also possible to fly to Savu from Kupang.

Savu (disambiguation)

Savu is an island in East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia.

Savu may also refer to:

  • Savu people, ethnic group living on Savu and the neighbouring island of Raijua
  • Savu language, language spoken by the Savu people, one of the Bima-Sumba languages
  • Savu Sea, Indonesian sea named for Savu island
  • Savu River (Romania)
  • Savu River (Fiji)

People with the given name or family name Savu include:

  • Ilie Savu, Romanian football player
  • Mihai Savu, Romanian Olympic fencer
  • Alin Mircea Savu, Romanian football player
  • Savu Viliame, Fijian cricketer