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You see empty boxes where you need to type the initial letters you know. You can choose any length of words or specify the exact number of letters in the word using the “plus” and “minus” options located at the side. The result will be a list of words presented in blocks depending on the number of letters. There will be simple words, abbreviated words, syntactic words and independent parts of speech.

l&hr l'ak l'ee l.a. l.c. l.j. l.l. l.n. l.p. l.v. l10n l2tp l337 l33t laaa laac laad laag laaj laak laal laam laan laap laar laas laat laax lab. laba labe labi labo labr labs labu laby laca lacc lace lach laci lack laco lacp lacq lacs lact lacu lacy lada ladd lade ladi lado ladp lads ladu lady lael laer laes laet lafb lafc lafe laff laft lag- laga lage lagg lagh lago lags lagu laha lahe lahi lahm lahn laho lahr lahs laht lahu laia laic laid laie laik lail laim lain laip lair lais lait laix laiz laja laje lajm lajo lajs laka lake lakh laki laks laky lala lald lale lali lall lalm lalo lalu lama lamb lamd lame lami lamk lamm lamo lamp lamr lams lamu lamy lan- lana lanc land lane lang lani lank lann lano lans lant lanu lanx lany lanz laon laos laou lapa lapb lapc lapd lape lapi lapp laps lapt lapu lapy lara larb larc lard lare larf lari lark larm larn larp lars lart laru larv lary larz lasa lasd lase lash lasi lask lasm laso lass last lasu lat. lata latc latd late lath lati latn lato lats latt latu latv latz laub laud laue lauf lauk laul laun laur laus laut laux lava lavc lave lavi lavo lavs lavy lawa lawd lawe lawi lawk lawl lawn lawo laws lawy laxa laxe laxo laxy laya layd laye layk layn layo layr lays layt layw laza laze lazi lazo lazu lazy lbar lbcc lbf. lbgt lbhs lbia lblr lbmc lbms lbos lboz lbrs lbs. lbsc lbug lcac lcad lcat lcaw lcbc lcca lccc lcce lccm lccs lcdd lcdp lcdr lcds lcer lces lcfc lcfg lcfr lchc lchr lchs lcia lcis lcms lcor lcpa lcpc lcpd lcpl lcpm lcps lcra lcrd lcrg lcrl lcrs lcrv lcsc lcsd lcsp lcsr lctl lctm lcto lcts lcvg lcvp ldcf ldci lddm lddp lddv ldeo ldgs ldha ldif ldos ldpc ldrs ldry ldsh le-u leaa lead leaf leag leah leak leal leam lean leao leap lear leas leat leau leaz leba lebd lebo lebu leca lece lech leck leco lect leda lede ledi ledo leds ledt leea leed leef leej leek leel leem leen leep leer lees leet lefa lefe leff left leg. lega lege legg legh legi lego legs lehe lehi lehm lehr lehs lehu leia leib leic leid leie leif leik leil lein leio leir leis leit leiv leix leka leke lekh leki lekk leko leks lela lele leli lell lelo lelu lely lema leme lemi lemm lemo lemp lems lemu lena lend lene leng leni lenk lenn leno lens lent leny lenz leoc leod leof leog leoi leok leom leon leor leos leou leov leox leoz lepa lepe lepi lepo lepp leps lept lera lerc lerd lere lerk lerm lern lero lerp lert lery lesa lese lesh lesk less lest lesu leta lete leth leti leto lets lett lety leuc leud leuk leun leur lev! lev- leva levc leve levi levo levs levy lewa lewd lewe lewn lewp lews lewy lexa lexi lext lexx lexy leya leye leyf leyk leyn leyr leys leyt leza leze lezo lfat lfca lfcc lfhe lfhs lfmr lfng lfrd lftp lfts lfwa lgbt lgbu lgca lgdj lgdt lges lgfl lghs lgin lgmn lgov lgow lgsm lgte lgth lgtn lgts lhau lhbs lhec lhee lhez lhfp lhhh lhhs lhip lhor lhsa lhun li'l liac liam lian liao liar lias liat liaz liba libc libe libo libr libs libu libx lica lice lich lick lico licr lics lict lida lidb lide lidl lido lids lieb lied lief lieg liek liel lien liep lier lies liet lieu liev liew liez lifa life liff lifg lifl lifo lift lifx liga ligc lige ligg ligh ligi lign ligo lih- lihe lihi liho liht liia liii liin liir liis liiv lij- lija lijf lijk lijt lika like liko liku lil' lila lile lili lill lilo lils lilt lilu lily lima limb limc lime limi liml limm limn limo limp lims limu limy lina linc lind line ling linh link linn lino linq lins lint linx liny linz lio- liod lion lior lios lip- lipa lipb lipc lipe liph lipi lipl lipo lipp lips lipu lipy liqs lira lirc lird lire lirg liri lirk lirl lirn liro lirp lirr lirs lirt liru liry lisa lisd lise lish lisi lisk liso lisp liss list lisu lisy lisz lit. lita litb litd lite lith liti litl lito litr lits litt litu lity litz liua liue liuf liun lius liut liva live livi livo livs livy liwa lixa lixi lixt lixu lixy liya liyu liza lizi lizy ljan ljeb ljes ljig ljla lkab lkal lkan lkfs lkrs ll.b llan llao llat llay llbs llcc llcs lldb lldc lldp llds llef lles llew llgc llhs llks lllc llll llms llnw lloa lloc llqp llud llvm llyn llyr lm.c lmao lmbo lmcc lmdp lmds lmfm lmhs lmia lmii lmln lmmr lmms lmna lmno lmnt lmrs lmsh lmsi lmsr lmvh lnav lnbp lndg lner lnes lnfs lnhs lnnk lnso lntm lo'o lo-v loac load loaf loam loan loap loar loas loay lob- loba lobb lobe lobh lobi lobo lobs loby loc. loca locc loce loch loci lock locn loco locs locu loda lode lodh lodi lods lodz loeb loei loen loes loeu loew lofa lofe loff lofi lofn loft log- loga logb loge logh logi logo logp logs logy

Word usage examples

The hours of tippling had had their effect on her, producing a dull headache and a logy feeling of depression.

Gregg stepped to a cross brace-he was still too logy to jump-and thrust his flashgun through the opening.

My head still ached, the room was unreal in its luxurious appointments and my body felt logy and disjointed.

He was beginning to feel logy, and a mild but persistent pain was gathering at his temples.

On reaching the gentle rise, there below us grazed the logy, lazy beeves, while the boys quietly rode round, silently moving them together as instructed.

The sky was gray and we were all still logy from too much to eat and drink the day before, so we were mostly silent on the way to Sacz.

The lady patronesses were just as logy and disinterested in platter-faced chits as Aunt Harriet.

The big assault boat felt logy and clumsy, and a part of her screamed to kick up the wedge and get more acceleration, but that was out of the question.

I had one foot up to make the big mistake when I smelled cat and saw him, curled up in the back, logy after a kill maybe, just starting to move.

Andrews and I hastened off to get our own breakfast, and soon had a half-gallon of strong coffee, and a frying-pan full, of meat cooking over the fire--not one of the beggarly skimped little fires we had crouched over during our months of imprisonment, but a royal, generous fire, fed with logs instead of shavings and splinters, and giving out heat enough to warm a regiment.