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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lang \Lang\, a. & adv. Long. [Obs. or Scot.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

a. (context obsolete English) long n. (form of Abbreviation language English)


Lang may refer to:

  • Lang (surname), a surname of independent Germanic or Chinese origin
Lang (surname)

Lang is a surname of Germanic origin, closely related to Lange, Laing and Long, all of which mean "tall".

Independently of this, it is also a surname of Chinese origin .

Usage examples of "lang".

Far aboon, ommost lost to mi view, Aw lang for a pair ov his wings, To fly wi him, an sing like him, too.

Atemzug lang konnte Pwyll es nicht sehen, und dann ritt ein Grauer Mann auf einem Grauen Pferd auf die Lichtung herein.

Einen Moment lang rasteten sie, auf jeder der beiden Riesenschultern hockte einer.

Emilio bood haar zijn excuses aan toen ze langs hem liep en ging daarna naar binnen.

Lang translated and Chi giggled, making the old lady hide her face out of embarrassment.

Despite my deep distaste for such entertainment, I did not find it particularly disturbing as it gave me legitimate chance to concentrate on English-speaking Lang without feeling bad for not involving Chi in the conversation.

We managed to find a moment with Lang and Chi before it was time for the passengers to disembark.

I suggested to Chi through the amused interpretation by Lang who had difficulties in keeping a straight face.

Lang told me not to worry, that he had been telling Chi the same thing.

Lang gave him a present in the form of a thick volume of words and lyrics for evergreens and other sing-alongs, and Chi showed remarkable talent in imitating the texts once Lang had pronounced them to him a few times.

At first, Lang suffered from periods of nausea and dizziness caused by the constant movement of the vessel, whereas Chi remained in good form and spirit irrespective of the weather and moods of the passengers.

Within the narrow limits of the choice given to them in terms of quality and quantity of materials and ingredients, Chi presented his new culinary creations and Lang supported him in serving them with pride and joy far exceeding the expectations of the thirty to forty low-income travellers on each voyage.

Lang admired him for this instinctively egalitarian characteristic which Chi never talked about but lived it daily through his boyish and energetic actions.

Zijn neus was te lang en vormeloos, zijn ogen stonden te dicht bij elkaar en lagen diep in hun kassen waardoor hij een enigszins aapachtig uiterlijk kreeg, zijn tot een lach opgetrokken lippen en zijn rode krulhaar waren net krabbels in een kindertekening.

Geschichte von Gwydion und Gilvaethwy trieb ihm durch den Sinn: wie sie drei Jahre lang als wilde Tiere des Waldes umhergestreift waren.