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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Leep \Leep\ (l[=e]p), obs. strong imp. of Leap. Leaped.


LEEP may refer to:

  • Law Enforcement Exchange Program, program of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs involving Israeli and American law enforcement professionals
  • Legislated Employment Equity Program, which is covered in the article Employment equity (Canada)
  • Loop electrical excision procedure, surgery that treats cervical dysplasia
  • LEEP Online Education, a distance learning program at the University of Illinois
  • Large Expanse Extra Perspective, a type of extreme wide-angle stereoscopic lenses, developed by Eric Howlett

Usage examples of "leep".

Roy tried to be polite and keep up his end of the conversation, but his mind was swirling with what Beatrice Leep had told him about the running boy.

Beatrice Leep had given Roy a peanut-butter cookie, which he gobbled hungrily.

Beatrice had chosen to remain with her father, partly because she was allergic to parrots and partly because she doubted that Leon Leep could survive on his own.

As for Leon Leep, he displayed no curiosity beyond what his wife had told him about her wayward offspring.

Beatrice Leep to confront Roy Eberhardt after she saw him chasing her stepbrother that first day.

Lonna Leep had pitched a weepy spluttering fit and demanded to be reunited with her son.

Lonna had been counting on her son to keep the Leep family in the limelight, which is the last place he wanted to be.

She told him about Leep, and her mother, and Fami and its history, and the glacier and her escape.

Senilde watched Leep sulkily, his expression saying that this ultra-cautious fellow promised poor sport.

He found himself telling Leep about Earth and its people, about the journey to Venus, and what had happened since the landing.

If we fail and have to return, the chances are hunger will have softened up Leep some.

He hoped Leep would talk first, but if not, he would never allow him to be tortured.

She let it pass and pulled the leep off the path and under a stand of trees, turned off the ignition and climbed out.

This close to an operation, it was difficult to get to leep, so he had taken a pill, the effects of which had not yet worn if The photographs were of people near the helicopters.

Taking a seat beside Brooke on the bench, he pl the same song she had so movingly that it brought tears to her eyes, not just because of the me stirred, but because this time the notes, so leep, so rich, seemed to go right into her soul.