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In the living room, Remo practiced breathing and Chiun amused Leen Worth by showing her examples of Sinanju paper art-in which Chiun dropped an 8 by 11 piece of paper from above his head, and then using his right hand as a blade slashed pieces out of the paper until, by the time it touched the floor, it had been hacked and cut into silhouettes of different animals.

I want to thank you for sending your two men here last night to protect me and Leen Forth.

Marino toed the bodies to make sure they were dead, Edward Leung turned and saw Leen Forth staring at him, her eyes shocked wide, and he made a decision.

He was speaking of Arpad Leen, the very public and communicative president and chairman of the board of directors of The RAMJAC Corporation.

I say now that Arpad Leen is the most able and informed and brilliant and responsive executive under whom it has ever been my privilege to serve.

A cluster of new stores and luxury hotels in Atlanta had gone bankrupt, and Leen had tried to snap it all up for RAMJAC.

The chairman of the board of RAMJAC, Arpad Leen, said in the story that RAMJAC contemplated no changes in personnel or editorial policy.

Jack Graham, had meanwhile telephoned Arpad Leen, the top man at RAMJAC.

Mary KathLeen had told Arpad Leen and Leen had told the lawyer that I lived at the Arapahoe.

As things turned out, that was exactly what Leen was doing to me: imagining what I would look like with no clothes on.

I knew something that Leen himself did not know, that probably nobody in the world but me knew.

Arpad Leen had now lost his in a matter of seconds, with this preposterous misapprehension of his.

They had been given to me by the ten-year-old son of Arpad Leen, little Dexter.

She had just mailed a letter to Arpad Leen, confirming all the orders she had given to him on the telephone.

He, too, was getting a brand-new wardrobe, even before Arpad Leen had seen him.