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Līvi (band)

Līvi was a Latvian hard rock and heavy metal band that was influential in the formation of Latvian rock culture. They were known for their poetic lyrics and guitar solos.

The band was founded by Ēriks Ķiģelis and Juris Pavītols in Liepāja in the USSR, in the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1976. They started out as a pop rock band playing various gigs around Latvia. From 1977 to 1985, the band experimented while trying to find their own musical style, resulting in songs from pop to heavy rock. Throughout this period, however, the band espoused patriotism and anti-Sovietism. After the death of Ķiģelis in 1986, Ainars Virga joined the band, leading to a new era of anthemic ballads, heavy rock, and rebellious themes. Virga went on to compose some of the best-known Latvian hard rock songs.

Līvi recorded nine albums during their existence. Their songs include " Dzimtā valoda", " Dzelsgriezējs", " Meitene zeltene", " Saldus saule", " Piedod man", " Zīlīte", " Tikai tev un man", and " Pāri visam."


Līvi may refer to:

  • Līvi (band), Latvian hard rock band
  • Līvi, Biksti Parish, village in Biksti Parish, Latvia
  • Grazia Livi, Italian author and journalist