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Lesh is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Fyodor Lesh (1840 - 1903), physician
  • Phil Lesh (born 1940), musician
  • Richard Lesh, professor

Given name:

  • Lesh Shkreli, football (soccer) player

Usage examples of "lesh".

Judge Lesh had reviewed all the written motions in advance and was ready to rule on them without holding an evidentiary hearing.

It had remained alarmingly clear of overgrowth, though Lesh said it had not been recut this spring.

Lesh and her companions had remounted their floater, to take advantage of the coolness of the gas in its bladders before sunshine increased its buoyancy and obliged them to have it hauled down, and that lucky chance had spared their lives.

The older, whose teeth showed scarlet thyssel stains, was called Lesh.

At the green wall above, Besh and Lesh had already vanished into the canopied shadow.

The previous night in the wallet tent made sense to Mace now: Lesh must have been sick with these parasites already.

He reached into the Force, seeking to touch anything of the young man that might remain, to offer what little comfort might be his to give, but it was as Nick said: Lesh was already gone.

Lesh had dispatched two of her assistants to find fruit and funqi from which nourishing juices could be extracted, at a safe distance from the lake, and herself administered a calmative from the first-aid pack she had brought.