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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a gas leak (=an escape of gas through a hole in something)
▪ If you suspect a gas leak, do not strike a match or even turn on an electric light.
a leaking/leaky tap (=with drops of water coming from the end )
▪ The leaky tap had left a stain in the washbasin.
a leaky/leaking roof (=one that lets rain in)
▪ We needed to fix the leaky roof.
a pipe leaks
▪ He complained that a water pipe was leaking in his hotel room.
a radiation leak
▪ A radiation leak occurred at a Russian nuclear power station.
leak a story (=secretly tell a reporter about it)
▪ We may never know who leaked the story to the press.
leak sth to the press (=give them secret information in an unofficial way)
▪ The confidential report was leaked to the press.
▪ Saunders' body was twitching violently as his blood leaked out in dying jets, slicking the walkway.
▪ But one thing that worries me is the way information about the sortie has leaked out.
▪ The agreement leaked out and Inoue was forced to resign in July 1887.
▪ The two men wondered if most of the oil somehow leaked out of the field over time.
▪ Often, some of the fertilizer leaks out and its recipients respond.
▪ You stand frozen in your tracks, a little blood leaks out your mouth, and you topple over in the snow.
▪ On Friday the share price of Pearl Group rose 44p to 552p as news of the bid began to leak out.
▪ Well, apparently the word leaked out.
▪ Whoever leaked the secret document to the residents is clearly against it.
▪ It is often a crime to leak classified documents, grand jury testimony or secret reports, but not to receive them.
▪ There are more effective ways to leak a document.
▪ She said she believed the memo was genuine, in part because other leaked documents had proved to be bona fide.
▪ Civil servants who leak information are criticised by politicians for a breach of trust.
▪ The suggestion is that MI5 officers may be leaking some of the information.
▪ He added that the penalties against leaking confidential information were severe.
▪ The news leaked out last weekend, and pressure has mounted on the justice minister, Oliviero Diliberto, to investigate.
▪ A few crumbs of news leaked through.
▪ A few will leave during the day. News may later leak out that they were spies.
▪ No sooner had the news leaked out than my telephone started ringing.
▪ They were getting worried that news was leaking out.
▪ It is the first time the fraud squad has been directly accused of leaking the report.
▪ In fact, she was referring only to his denials of having leaked the report.
▪ To add insult to injury the roof leaked.
▪ The roof leaked, and the front porch was falling off.
▪ The roof leaks dreadfully so you can not move for falling over old galvanized buckets of rainwater.
▪ The build-up of ice on roofs is also creating leaks that threaten internal wiring and pose a fire hazard.
▪ And he had water, as well, since the thatch roof was leaking badly in several places.
▪ This house has a roof that leaks.
▪ Porous state My slate roof is leaking through general wear.
▪ The roofs leaked, the grass died, and the fences were torn down.
▪ He saw the weird underworld life for himself, and heard the horrible drip of water leaking through.
▪ Six minutes later more water started leaking through the top right-hand corner of another window.
▪ I hurried up to the loft, hoping the water tank wasn't leaking, but it wasn't.
▪ And when the soles got so thin that water would leak in, Kresge would line his shoes with old newspapers.
▪ An agitated businessman at the other end of the line complained that a water pipe was leaking in his hotel room.
▪ The problem-solving sessions began to generate ideas for fixing problems such as water leaks and glass breakage.
▪ It would have been perfect if half a gallon of water had not leaked into my rolled-up sleeping-bag.
▪ Great pale splotches appeared on the once-shining parquet floor where water had leaked in and stood in puddles.
▪ A man was charged today with leaking official secrets.
▪ I think the fuel tank is leaking.
▪ Information on the merger had been leaked to the press.
▪ Someone at the Pentagon leaked a letter from the Secretary of Defense.
▪ The Congressman was furious that the report had been leaked.
▪ The contents of the fax were leaked to the press
▪ The roof always leaks when it rains.
▪ They found the pipe that was leaking chlorine.
▪ Water was leaking from a pipe in the bathroom.
▪ Yoghurt had leaked out of the pot all over my lunchbox.
▪ But once the adrenalin spurts back into your system it will not gently leak away.
▪ Is it doing anything strange, such as leaking, making noises or not keeping water as hot as it used to?
▪ Its Woosterish appearance conceals some white-hot technology, such as an airtight ink-chamber which is guaranteed not to leak in an aircraft cabin.
▪ The Ecuadorean tanker Jessica started leaking diesel oil after running aground last week.
▪ The roof leaked, and the front porch was falling off.
▪ Then a buttery glow leaking from horizon to horizon, flooding the mesas and outcrop rock of the high desert.
▪ The transporters are designed to withstand accidents and until recently the Govenrment ruled out any possibility of a radioactive leak.
▪ The events included radioactive leaks, unplanned shutdowns and component failures, as well as vandalism, drug abuse and unauthorized use of firearms.
▪ Vote paves way, page 2 News in brief: Ferries held up by gas leak.
▪ Forcing independent gas suppliers to respond to gas leaks reported to them.
▪ The victim was slumped over a freezer where he had been searching for a gas leak.
▪ But firemen confirmed the blast at 3.42am was caused by a gas leak from a water heater.
▪ The first reactor was closed down for repairs earlier this year after a gas leak.
▪ Delicate arrangements are required to maintain the controlled gas leak and these are prone to wear and maintenance problems.
▪ That was the occasion when a gas leak caused an explosion which wrecked an entire tenement.
▪ But responding to Nathan Bryce's flirting was about as wise as striking matches to find a gas leak.
▪ His immediate reaction was that there was an oil leak.
▪ The council has put an emergency radiation leak plan on its website which reads like a throwback to the Cold War.
▪ They stressed, however, that there had been no radiation leak at the plant, which is of the Chernobyl type.
▪ They did not cause any radiation leaks and posed no danger to the environment.
▪ In all, 1.3 million people have been registered as suffering from diseases related to the radiation leak.
spring a leak
▪ An old galvanised iron cistern is liable to spring a leak eventually.
▪ If it is partly submerged, it has sprung a leak and filled with water.
▪ If the cooling system sprang a leak pilots had to land and mend the pipe with chewing gum and insulation tape.
▪ Water supplies to Bristol were threatened in 1990 when the Gloucester Sharpness canal sprang a leak and temporary pipelines had to installed.
▪ A leak was discovered in the cooling system.
▪ The boat had sprung a leak and it was sinking fast.
▪ The scandal began with a leak to "The Times".
▪ The water pressure's right down - there must be a leak in the pipe.
▪ White House officials are anxious to find the person responsible for the leak.
▪ Decaying steelwork and water leaks have weakened the tunnel structures, and many stations are in need of major refurbishment.
▪ Forcing independent gas suppliers to respond to gas leaks reported to them.
▪ I think you know how obsessed George Bush is about leaks.
▪ People whose roofs have been sound for decades are now looking at major leaks.
▪ Usually the origin of the leaks and the motives behind them were easy enough to trace.
▪ Vote paves way, page 2 News in brief: Ferries held up by gas leak.
▪ Waterproofness: no leaks even during heavy downpours.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Leak \Leak\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Leaked (l[=e]kt); p. pr. & vb. n. Leaking.] [Akin to D. lekken, G. lecken, lechen, Icel. leka, Dan. l[ae]kke, Sw. l["a]cka, AS. leccan to wet, moisten. See Leak, n.]

  1. To let water or other fluid in or out through a hole, crevice, etc.; as, the cask leaks; the roof leaks; the boat leaks.

  2. To enter or escape, as a fluid, through a hole, crevice, etc.; to pass gradually into, or out of, something; -- usually with in or out.

    To leak out, to be divulged gradually or clandestinely; to become public; as, the facts leaked out.


Leak \Leak\, a. Leaky. [Obs.]


Leak \Leak\ (l[=e]k), n. [Akin to D. lek leaky, a leak, G. leck, Icel. lekr leaky, Dan. l[ae]k leaky, a leak, Sw. l["a]ck; cf. AS. hlec full of cracks or leaky. Cf. Leak, v.]

  1. A crack, crevice, fissure, or hole which admits water or other fluid, or lets it escape; as, a leak in a roof; a leak in a boat; a leak in a gas pipe. ``One leak will sink a ship.''

  2. The entrance or escape of a fluid through a crack, fissure, or other aperture; as, the leak gained on the ship's pumps.

  3. (Elec.) A loss of electricity through imperfect insulation; also, the point at which such loss occurs.

  4. an act of urinating; -- used mostly in the phrase

    take a leak, i. e. to urinate. [vulgar]

  5. The disclosure of information that is expected to be kept confidential; as, leaks by the White House staff infuriated Nixon; leaks by the Special Prosecutor were criticized as illegal.

    To spring a leak, to open or crack so as to let in water; to begin to let in water; as, the ship sprung a leak.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"to let water in or out" [Johnson], late 14c., from Middle Dutch leken "to drip, to leak," or from Old Norse leka, both of them related to Old English leccan "to moisten" (which did not survive into Middle English), all from Proto-Germanic *lek- "deficiency" (cognates: Old High German lecchen "to become dry," German lechzen "to be parched with thirst"), from PIE root *leg- "to dribble, trickle." The figurative meaning "come to be known in spite of efforts at concealment" dates from at least 1832; transitive sense first recorded 1859. Related: Leaked; leaking.


late 15c., from leak (v.) or Old Norse cognate leki. Sense of "revelation of secret information" is from 1950. Meaning "act of urination" is attested from 1934 ("Tropic of Cancer"); but the verb meaning "to piss" is from 1590s: "Why, you will allow vs ne're a Iourden, and then we leake in your Chimney." ["I Hen. IV," II.i.22]

  1. (context obsolete English) leaky. n. 1 A crack, crevice, fissure, or hole which admits water or other fluid, or lets it escape. 2 The entrance or escape of a fluid through a crack, fissure, or other aperture. 3 A divulgation, or disclosure, of information previously held secret. 4 The person through whom such divulgation, or disclosure, occurs. 5 A loss of electricity through imperfect insulation, or the point where it occurs. 6 (context computing English) The gradual loss of a system resource caused by failure to deallocate previously reserved portions. 7 (context vulgar slang especially with the verb "take" English) An act of urination. v

  2. 1 To allow fluid to escape or enter something that should be sealed. 2 To reveal secret information.

  1. v. tell anonymously; "The news were leaked to the paper"

  2. be leaked; "The news leaked out despite his secrecy" [syn: leak out]

  3. enter or escape as through a hole or crack or fissure; "Water leaked out of the can into the backpack"; "Gas leaked into the basement"

  4. have an opening that allows light or substances to enter or go out; "The container leaked gasoline"; "the roof leaks badly"

  1. n. an accidental hole that allows something (fluid or light etc.) to enter or escape; "one of the tires developed a leak"

  2. soft watery rot in fruits and vegetables caused by fungi

  3. a euphemism for urination; "he had to take a leak" [syn: wetting, making water, passing water]

  4. the unwanted discharge of a fluid from some container; "they tried to stop the escape of gas from the damaged pipe"; "he had to clean up the leak" [syn: escape, leakage, outflow]

  5. unauthorized (especially deliberate) disclosure of confidential information [syn: news leak]

Leak (disambiguation)

A leak is a way for fluid to escape a container.

Leak may also refer to:

  • LEAK, a brand name for high-fidelity audio equipment
  • Leak (film), a 2000 Dutch thriller
  • The Leak (2007), a recording by hip hop artist Lil Wayne
  • Internet leak, a release of confidential information on the Internet
  • News leak
  • Slang term for urination
  • Slang term for the drug phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Leak (surname), a list of people with the family name Leak or Leaks
Leak (film)

Leak is a 2000 Dutch thriller film directed by Jean van de Velde.


A leak is a way (usually an opening) for fluid to escape a container or fluid-containing system, such as a tank or a ship's hull, through which the contents of the container can escape or outside matter can enter the container. Leaks are usually unintended and therefore undesired. The word leak usually refers to a gradual loss; a sudden loss is usually called a spill.

The matter leaking in or out can be gas, liquid, a highly viscous paste, or even a solid such as a powdered or granular solid or other solid particles.

Sometimes the word "leak" is used in a figurative sense. For example, in a news leak secret information becomes public.

Leak (surname)

Leak or Leaks is the surname of:


  • Bill Leak (born 1956), Australian cartoonist and painter
  • Bill Leak (sportsman) (1917–2007), Australian rules footballer and cricketer
  • Bruce Leak, American inventor and entrepreneur
  • Chris Leak (born 1985), American former football quarterback
  • Hector Leak (1887–1976), British statistician
  • James Leak, 19th century English bare-knuckle prize fighter
  • John Leak (1892–1972), Australian First World War recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Maysa Leak (born 1966), American jazz singer better known simply as Maysa


  • Manny Leaks (born 1945), American Basketball Association and National Basketball Association player
  • Roosevelt Leaks (born 1953), African-American college football and National Football League player, member of the College Football Hall of Fame

Usage examples of "leak".

Loiterers assembled, but no one came to draw the vehicle, and by degrees the dismal truth leaked out that the three coolies who had been impressed for the occasion had all absconded, and that four policemen were in search of them.

Especially since the initial diagnosis in each case was a hereditary vascular malformation, one being a Berry aneurysm, or sacular weakening of an artery that was leaking blood, and the other a capsular angioma, same as Kathleen Sullivan had.

The fact that the Argyle treasures were to be removed, had leaked to the public, though the time of such removal had remained a strict secret.

The audio feed was full of the high-pitched whistle of a substantial leak.

Chapter 12 John the Baptist, the mighty prophet of Israel, strained his vision toward the last rays of sunset which leaked through the solitary aperture in his dungeon wall.

Neither of you has so much as a single blemish -- unless constantly leaking breasts should be so considered!

The bottoms of the holes were directly on the caulking groove and the pounding of the drill usually drove the caulking back, so that the leak became dry or nearly so after the holes were drilled.

Then the colors leaked away one by one, chroma weakening: purple-blue, manganese violet, discord, cobalt blue, doubt, affection, chrome green, chrome yellow, raw sienna, contemplation, alizarin crimson, irony, silver, severity, compassion, cadmium red, white.

The aqueous humor leaks into the anterior chamber from nets of capillaries in the ciliary body and out again through a small duct near the point where the iris meets the cornea.

The Discovery leaked black diesel smoke from its rusty anus and the inappropriate pale blue clunky interior designed by Sir Terence Conran was filthy and falling to bits, but Cicely felt it would do the job.

Through its coagulation, the blood also closes leaks in the small blood vessels.

Worst leaks look to be primary coolant, and the radiation level in the reactor compartment is climbing.

Not sure where it was from but I isolated both loops with the main coolant cutout valves and the leak stopped.

The coolant inventory in the core was dangerously low from the previous fast leak from the starboard loop.

The leak had dumped one coolant loop of highly radioactive water to the reactor compartment bilges.