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Lila (Hinduism)

Lila (, IAST) or Leela, like many Sanskrit words, cannot be precisely translated into English, but can be loosely translated as the noun "play". The concept of Lila is common to both non-dualist and dualist philosophical schools, but has a markedly different significance in each. Within non-dualism, Lila is a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play by the divine absolute ( Brahman). In the dualistic schools of Vaishnavism, Lila refers to the activities of God and his devotee, as well as the macrocosmic actions of the manifest universe, as seen in the Vaishnava scripture Srimad Bhagavatam, verse 3.26.4:

sa eṣa prakṛtiḿ sūkṣmāḿ
daivīḿ guṇamayīḿ vibhuḥ
abhyapadyata līlayā

"As His pastimes, that Supreme Personality of Godhead, the greatest of the great, accepted the subtle material energy, which is invested with three material modes of nature."


Lila or LILA may refer to:

Lila (album)

Lila is the debut album of American country music singer Lila McCann. Released in 1997 on Asylum Records, the album produced four singles on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) charts: "Down Came a Blackbird" (#28), "I Wanna Fall in Love" (#3, McCann's highest-charting single), a cover of Sheena Easton's "Almost Over You" (#42) and finally, "Yippy Ky Yay" (#63). The album itself has been certified platinum by the RIAA for U.S. shipments of one million copies, and it was the highest-selling debut album by a country artist in 1997.

Lila (given name)

Lila is a common Indian female given name meaning " beauty".

Lilavati is a variant of this name that is also the title of a twelfth-century mathematics treatise.

Lila is also a variant of the female given name Leila, derived from the Semitic word for "night".

Lila (Robinson novel)

Lila is a novel written by Marilynne Robinson that was published in 2014. Her fourth novel, it is the third installment of the Gilead trilogy. The novel focuses on the courtship and marriage of Lila and John Ames, as well as the backstory of Lila's transient past and her complex attachments. It won the 2014 National Book Critics Circle Award.

Usage examples of "lila".

Lila had remained in the drawing-room, where Eric Haile was stacking the records preparatory to putting them away in the study.

Miss Lila and her three daughters and all the rest of the Rakes were now gathered, waiting for the Coach to take his last breath.

Lila as the dream whirled about him, giving way to the sounds of the River, the soft, eternal sluff of water.

Sure enough, Lila had booby-trapped a couple of drawers by affixing a strand of hair slyly across the crack.

Coptic Christian, Lila Kodzi, who discoursed on the mysteries of Monophysitism at the most inappropriate moments.

Par la fenetre ouverte, et qui donnait sur la cour, les piaillements vigoureux des moineaux entraient avec des flots de lumiere et les senteurs des lilas cultives par notre concierge, grand amateur de jardins.

Lila shifted and rolled until she was sitting on the table before Inman, her legs astraddle him, her bare feet resting on the arms of his chair.

It was silly to feel as if she was floating away to join all those gold and ivory Lilas in that queer looking-glass world.

Between the plates Lilas set several covered bowls and a basket of fragrant fresh-baked rolls.

I will accompany you only to the other side of the mountains, then you and Lilas will go alone.

He heard her voice, and realized Lilas was talking to Anna in the Syrithian language!

He heard the soft fall of pebbles as Lilas stepped toward him, heard her soft breath.

He felt heat crawl up his neck as he told Lilas what he wished to learn.

Rathyn felt awkward and clumsy, as time and time again he stumbled on loose rocks, and Lilas took his weight.

Two steps later, more confident, he tripped over a large jutting rock and if not for Lilas would have fallen.