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Usage examples of "lawd".

You see, it is like dis, when a man gits killed befo he is done what de good Lawd intended fer him to do, he comes back here and tries to find who done him wrong.

I bin trying to serve de Lawd 79 years, and I live by precepts of de word.

At de highway, de Lawd prepared a friend to carry me to Union, and when I got dar I take and lay hands on Ria Rice, she laying down and suffering, and I sot down and laid my hand on her.

De Lawd will den see fit to give you a soul dat will reach from His foot-stool here on earth to His dwelling place on high.

So you see dat de Lawd has command, whar-so-ever if I was wicked, Satan would.

I never axes fer nothing, but when I sets around de courthouse and informs men as I been doing dis evening, de Lawd has dem to drap a nickle or a dime or a quarter in my hand but He never gits dem to a half of a dollar.

Dat is my plan of Salvation: to work by faith widout price or purse, as de Lawd, my Teacher has taught me.

Even I does eat by myself, dis old man take off his hat and ax de Lawd to bless his soul and body in nourishment fer de future.

Us is careful, kaise us knows dat de Lawd am looking down from his throne, and dat He is checking every word dat we says.

Too long, oh Lawd, has our beautiful black beauties been called synonymous by white racists.