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n. 1 (context dialectal English) The loin, flank. 2 (context dialectal English) The groin.


Łęsk is a settlement in the administrative district of Gmina Srokowo, within Kętrzyn County, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, in northern Poland, close to the border with the Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia. It lies approximately west of Srokowo, north of Kętrzyn, and north-east of the regional capital Olsztyn.

Before 1945 the area was part of Germany ( East Prussia).


Lesk may refer to:

  • Łęsk, a settlement in Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, Poland
  • Arthur M. Lesk, American molecular biologist
  • Mike Lesk, American computer scientist
  • Lesk algorithm, a classical algorithm for word sense disambiguation
  • Training Air Wing, Finnish Air Force (Finnish: ), the Finnish Air Force pilot jet aircraft training school

Usage examples of "lesk".

For after Shaithis, when the Lords Lesk and Lascula found no tribute, they had simply killed the Council of Elders out of hand and proceeded to herd off the flower of the tribe itself!

But as Lesk left its skull through a nostril, so in a convulsion the beast had snapped at him.

Only to parley, mind you, as we have heard from the lips of Lesk himself, most lucid of Lords.

For Lesk had determined that The Dweller was a hell-lander, sent here to spy on us and provoke us, perhaps preparing the way for large-scale invasion.

Shaithis and Lascula being first away, then Lesk, Volse, Belath, Fess, Menor and all the rest, and lastly Grigis.

Lords Belath and Lesk the Glut, Grigis and Menor Maimbite, Lascula Longtooth and Tor Tornbody were missing, along with many lesser Wamphyri lights.

As they approached, an unseen watcher issued a sharp challenge out of the darkness and Lesk answered gruffly.

A single light glowed in a downstairs window, and Lesk stepped up to the door, hammering on it with a heavy fist.

She soundly berated Lesk for keeping the lady waiting while he prated, then as soon as the girl was helped down from her mount she bustled forward.