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For music, see Leké (singer). Leke is a town in Diksmuide, a part of Belgium in the province of West Flanders.

Leke (disambiguation)

Leke is a town.

Leke may also refer to:

  • Leke Baronets
  • Albanian lek


Usage examples of "leke".

But there was something disarming about Godwin, and he was far more reasonable when it came to household crises than many a gentleman Leke could bring to mind.

Rees walked into the room, nodding at Leke to give him a plate of coddled eggs.

Helene looked at herself in the slightly cracked glass of a dressing table that Leke had obviously found in the attic and slung into her bedchamber.

After Leke had removed the pudding, even that chatter seemed to finally wilt.

After fussing for a moment with the dishes on the side table, Leke left, closing the door behind him.

Gina sending Leke off to request that Miss McKenna kindly join them in the library.