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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Leve \Leve\, n. & v. Same as 3d & 4th Leave. [Obs.]


Leve \Leve\, v. i. To live. [Obs.]


Leve \Leve\, v. t. [OE., fr. AS. l[=e]fan, abbrev. fr. gel[=e]fan. See Believe.] To believe. [Obs.]


Leve \Leve\, v. t. [OE. leven, AS. l[=e]fan, l[=y]fan. See Leave permission.] To grant; -- used esp. in exclamations or prayers followed by a dependent clause. [Obs.]

God leve all be well.


Leve \Leve\ (l[=e]v), a. Dear. See Lief. [Obs.]

Usage examples of "leve".

So thick the branches and the leves grene, Beshaded all the alleys that there were, And midst of every arbour might be seen, The sharpe, grene, swete juniper, Growing so fair with branches here and there, That as it seemed to a lyf without, The boughs did spread the arbour all about.

A notre gauche, la chapelle de Saint-Colledoc leve son clocher de pierre ajouree.

He watched Gubber Anshaw pace the hallway outside Fredda Leving, s hospital room, and felt his annoyance growing stronger.

And it was, after all, Fredda Leving herself who had built Donald, named Donald.

Fredda Leving was crumpled on the floor, her head in a pool of her own blood, two trails of bloody footprints leading from the scene in different directions, out two of the four doors to the room.

The maintenance robot must have been caught in a classic First Law trap, knowing that Fredda Leving was badly injured, but knowing that any inexpert attempt to aid her could well injure her further.

They are in are in the other wing of the laboratory, And Madame Leving does not bring a personal robot with her to work.

Fredda Leving herself had adjusted his First, Second, and Third Law potential with the express purpose of making him capable of performing police work.

The med-robots were here for that, and they could aid Fredda Leving far more competently than he ever could.

Let a human take over, let someone who could get used to such things deal with the impossible thought that a robot could have struck Fredda Leving from behind.

The great and famous Fredda Leving, hero of robotics research, the crown jewel of science in Inferno, was not a compulsive fussbudget--but the occupant of this room clearly was.

The ones that make it clear that a robot--two robots--walked through the pool of blood and left Fredda Leving, quite possibly to die.

Many of them will simply assume your people did it, even without knowledge of Settler involvement in Leving Labs.

But if a Settler relationship with Fredda Leving comes out in connection with this crime, or in any way at all, it is my considered professional opinion that there will be hell to pay.

Tonya Welton and Fredda Leving, each with a real reputation for being a hard-edged infighter.