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Laut may refer to:

  • Laut Island, South Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • Agnes Christina Laut (1871–1936), Canadian journalist, novelist, historian, and social worker
  • Frank Laut (1884–1961), Canadian politician
  • Peter Laut, Danish professor Emeritus of Physics

Usage examples of "laut".

It was the Intercessor that kept the Archai from sweeping over Laut as they did all other islands of the kingdom!

Prince Garric died battling the Count of Blaise and waves of Archai conquered all the Isles except for Laut.

The Malays of Sungei Ujong and several of the adjacent States are supposed to be tolerably directly descended from those of the parent empire Menangkabau in Sumatra, who conquered and have to a great extent displaced the tribes known as Jakuns, Orang Bukit, Rayet Utan, Samangs, Besisik, Rayet Laut, etc.

Laut von Schritten auf: es ist das Strix jetzt so bekannte kla-datsch, kla-datsch.