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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lapps \Lapps\, n. pl.; sing. Lapp. (Ethnol.) A branch of the Mongolian race, now living in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, and the adjacent parts of Russia.


Lapp \Lapp\ (l[a^]p), n. Same as Laplander. Cf. Lapps.


Laplander \Lap"land*er\, n. A native or inhabitant of Lapland; -- called also Lapp.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1859; see Lapland.


Lapp or LAPP may refer to:

  • a now dated term for the Sami people
  • Light art performance photography, a technique in photography emphasizing landscapes, scenery and objects with light. It's a symbiotic art between a performance with light and a shutter that's open for a long time
  • The Laboratoire d'Annecy-le-Vieux de physique des particules, a French experimental physics laboratory located in Annecy-le-Vieux in the Savoie region of France
  • LAPP software stack - A variation on the LAMP software stack which uses PostgreSQL rather than MySQL/ MariaDB

Lapp is a German surname that is common among the Amish and Mennonites, especially those of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It may refer to:

  • Bernice Lapp (1917-2010), American Olympic swimmer
  • Daniel Lapp, Canadian folk musician
  • Henry Lapp (1862–1904), American carpenter-cabinetmaker
  • Jack Lapp (1884–1920), American professional baseball player
  • Katherine Lapp, administrator of Harvard University
  • Ralph Lapp (c. 1910–2004), American physicist

Usage examples of "lapp".

He did not tell Flossie about the notes, however, nor did he again mention them to Emerson Lapp, although the secretary knew of their existence since he always handled and sorted the mail before passing it on to his boss.

Shorty said, nodding to the cops, and then to Emerson Lapp, as he walked out.

For about five minutes he was deadly silent, then he called in Emerson Lapp, asking his secretary to send for Jerry Grindstaff.

Shorty Wilson, Jerry Grindstaff, Emerson Lapp, and Flossie Devine drove down in a Dancing Trout station wagon, and, while Shorty sat contentedly behind the wheel guzzling a six-pack held in his lap, and teetotaler Jerry G.

Flossie and Lapp bounced around in back like a couple of starstruck adolescents, munching on popcorn and loudly sipping on a bottle of Southern Comfort as they giggled nonstop over private -- usually risque -- jokes.

Dancing Trout station wagon, unaware of the high drama that had just taken place in a very low setting, Emerson Lapp suddenly fell asleep.

Men and women who disliked Ladd Devine, who had nothing but scorn and ridicule for Flossie and Jerry Grindstaff and Emerson Lapp, liked Shorty, maybe even loved him: his boisterous wild-card personality had carved for him a niche of welcome, or at least of respect, on both sides.

We downed a few quick beers and made our way to the train, where a stunted Lapp dwarf with bad teeth and evil breath showed us to our small cabin.

A group of Lapp college-girls were waiting to greet us, dressed in full national costume: weird four-pronged hats, curly reindeer shoes, everything.

Europe, which is, in fact, what they are: Lapp women dressed in traditional costume for no reason other than it is what they wear when they are heading down to the supermarket for a mid-week shop.

On the walls, prints of Victorian etchings of life on the island, the natives all done up in Lapp clothes -- huge fur-lined anoraks with fancy stitching -- harpoons in hand, sledges, dogs, whale hunting, church, life.

They are selling all the Lapp gear: funny four-pointed hats, embroidered fur boots with the toes curled up -- all the stuff.

Is there a big following in these Lapp parts for the languid Mediterranean works of classical guitar composers?

The bearing of the small Lapp men dressed in yellow reminded me of holy men.

We are greeted by barking dogs and what can only be described as a seriously inbred Lapp leprechaun.