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Lity (Orthodox Vespers)
For the brief memorial service, see Lity (Orthodox memorial service).

The Lity or Litiyá ( Greek: (Liti), from litomai, "a fervent prayer") is a festive religious procession, followed by intercessions, which takes place at great vespers (or, a few times a year, at great compline) in the Eastern Orthodox Church and those Eastern Catholic Churches which follow the Byzantine Rite, which augments the service on important feast days (and, at least according to the written rubrics, any time there is an all-night vigil.). Following a lity is another liturgical action, an artoklasia, and either of these terms may be used to describe both liturgical actions collectively.


Lity may refer to:

  • Lity (Orthodox Vespers), a procession at Great Vespers in the Eastern Orthodox Church
  • Lity (Orthodox memorial service), a short service for the dead in the Eastern Orthodox Church