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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Laas \Laas\, n. A lace. See Lace. [Obs.]


Laàs (Lars in Occitan) is a commune in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in south-western France.

Neighbouring villages include Orriule to the north, Andrein to the north-west, Narp to the east, Barraute-Camu to the west, and Montfort to the south.

The town is notable for its self-declared secession from France as the Principality of Laàs en Béarn.

Usage examples of "laas".

He glanced back and then looked out over his family again, steeling himself for whatever reason Laas had come.

And therfore, syn I knowe of loves peyne, And woot how soore it kan a man distreyne, As he that hath ben caught ofte in his laas, I yow foryeve al hoolly this trespaas, At requeste of the queene that kneleth heere, And eek of Emelye, my suster deere.