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Lile, the piquitingas, is a genus of small fish belonging to the herring family, Clupeidae. They are endemic to the Americas. There are currently four recognized species in the genus.

Usage examples of "lile".

When he finished, Avallach dropped the tumbler back onto the tray, and Lile dabbed his chin with the cloth as one would a forgetful child.

Charis had no sooner returned from the encounter at the watchtower to take up residence in her old chambers than Lile swept into her bedroom with a servant bearing a tray of pots and jars of various shapes and sizes.

Lile and the servant with the tray bearing down on her and she groaned aloud, more from exasperation than from the loathing she felt when she laid eyes on Lile once more.

She turned her face away as Lile settled lightly on the edge of the bed.

That Lile was devious Charis did not doubt, but was she also so subtle as to try to conquer an enemy with a show of humility?

Avallach fully dressed and sitting in a chair, Lile at his feet, begging him to get up and come with her.

Charis made certain that Avallach, Lile, Morgian, and An-nubi were safely aboard and that the cargo she had worked so hard to preserve was secured before collapsing exhausted into a corner.

Charis realized that her companions were Lile and little Morgian, their faces white beneath smeared soot, hair gray with ash.

Charis and Lile threw off the sailcloth and looked out across the water into an immense impenetrable curtain of smoke and dust all around, so thick they could no longer see the ships nearest them.

With that, Charis rose and hurried from the orchard, leaving Lile staring after her, shaking her head and muttering.

She went in search of Lile and found her in the herb garden on her hands and knees, pushing seeds into a patch of wet ground.

After a time Lile came to say that the body had been laid in the hall.

It was as though she had been born for him, and had waited all her lile for him, and he felt the same way about her, and as they lay in bed afterward, side by side, he said that.

He lived for years in the white cottage that Wordsworth once lived in, just behind the street yonder--a nice, neat, lile gentleman, in a houseful of books.

What did she know of music, or sculpture, or the precise difference between a lile from Saek or a chatifand from Denere?