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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ the smugglers' lair
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lair \Lair\ (l[^a]r), n. [OE. leir, AS. leger; akin to D. leger, G. lager couch, lair, OHG. legar, Goth. ligrs, and to E. lie. See Lie to be prostrate, and cf. Layer, Leaguer.]

  1. A place in which to lie or rest; especially, the bed or couch of a wild beast.

  2. A burying place. [Scot.]

  3. A pasture; sometimes, food. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English leger "bed, couch, grave; act or place of lying down," from Proto-Germanic *legraz (cognates: Old Norse legr "grave," also "nuptials" ("a lying down"); Old Frisian leger "situation," Old Saxon legar "bed," Middle Dutch legher "act or place of lying down," Dutch leger "bed, camp," Old High German legar "bed, a lying down," German Lager "bed, lair, camp, storehouse," Gothic ligrs "place of lying"), from PIE *legh- "to lie, lay" (see lie (v.2)). Meaning "animal's den" is from early 15c.


n. 1 A place inhabited by a wild animal, often a cave or a hole in the ground. 2 (context figuratively English) A place inhabited by a criminal or criminals, a superhero or a supervillain. vb. 1 (context transitive Scotland English) To mire. 2 (context intransitive Scotland English) To become mired.


n. the habitation of wild animals [syn: den]


Lair may refer to:

  • Animal lair, a shelter built or used by an animal
  • Lair (video game), a 2007 video game
  • Burial plot in a graveyard, in Scots language
  • Demon's Lair, fantasy role-playing game system created in 1997 by Lasalion Games
  • Devil's Lair, a large cave in Australia
  • Dragon's Lair, a laserdisc video game
  • Irma Lair, fictional character in the comic book W.I.T.C.H. and the animated series of the same name
  • Mark Lair (born 1947), American bridge player
  • Mike Lair (born 1946), American politician
  • Seduction lair or men's lair is a men's social club and study group centered on courtship initiation and development
  • Tiger's Lair, official football student section for the University of Missouri
  • Wolf's Lair, Adolf Hitler's first Eastern Front military headquarters
  • The Lair, 2007-8 American gay-themed vampire television series
  • The Lair, nickname for the location in the "Valley of the Gods" where Stringfellow Hawke kept the helicopter Airwolf hidden in the 1980s TV action-adventure series Airwolf
Lair (video game)

Lair is a 2007 action-adventure video game developed by Factor 5 and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released for the PlayStation 3 in August 2007 in North America.

In Lair, the world is filled with deadly volcanoes, which devastated the world's natural resources and air. It led the native people to split into two warring nations: the poor Mokai, and the well-off Asylia. The story revolves around Rohn Partridge, a Asylia Sky Guard, who eventually turned to support the Mokai. Most of the game's battles are air-based combat, with some fought on the ground by landing the dragon and fighting troops and other land-based creatures. A moral system is also present, in which enemies may retreat if they suffer from low morale.

Lair was the first PlayStation 3 title to be fully playable via the Remote Play function, allowing it to be accessed through the Internet on a PlayStation Portable, and an English demo was released for Asian countries, except Japan prior to the game's release. The game's soundtrack was composed by John Debney. Lair received mixed reviews upon release, with critics praising the game's visuals and art directino, while criticizing its control scheme. Sony released a reviewer guide to teach reviewers how to properly review the game. Analog stick support and DualShock 3 controller support were later introduced to the game.

Usage examples of "lair".

Orola and Anoa strolled back towards their lairs, leaving Alara standing before hers alone.

Thus, with food and bedding I returned to my lair, where after a meal of raw meat, to which I had now become quite accustomed, I dragged the bowlder before the entrance and curled myself upon a bed of grasses--a naked, primeval, cave man, as savagely primitive as my prehistoric progenitors.

Remember the good times we had together in the caveer, lair, I mean, your home.

They talked about neighbours in Cush, Hugh cut a piece of cardboard for the broken window upstairs, Cathal read his comic and Manus tried to entice the cats from their lair.

But couch where we might, no Cushat ever came near our insidious lair.

A multitude of whelps came forth from the lair of this barbaric lioness, in three cyuls, as they call them, that is, in there ships of war, with their sails wafted by the wind and with omens and prophecies favourable, for it was foretold by a certain soothsayer among them, that they should occupy the country to which they were sailing three hundred years, and half of that time, a hundred and fifty years, should plunder and despoil the same.

The Shadow, himself, had followed the crippled dacoit to a hidden lair.

But in this strange and unknown part of London, below Rumbledom, Dewdrop had made his lair.

Hidden in this lair, the dark-faced crook had used Gat Lober and Driller Borson as his tools, with Skeeter Wigan as an intermediary.

After the writing of the letter to Aunty Emang, the letter that she was confident would draw the blackmailer from her lair, she found it difficult to settle down to anything.

Ulf blew on it to light the esparto, then rushed unhesitatingly at the entrance to the lair.

He continued forward to the end of the tunnel, the smell of his own perspiration overpowering the fetor of the musty lair.

I am going to help him and my fosterling, just as I should have when he first ran away, and the Lair can just find itself another shaman.

Of starlike flowers and herbs of odour sweet, To pave the temple that his poesy Has framed, while near his feet grim lions couch, And kids, fearless from love, creep near his lair.

Stanachs first choice, but the Theiwar guard theyd overpowered in a cold dark corridor near the dragons lair had responded to their questions about Realgar and his plans with only a hard laugh and a boast he seemed happy to make: Hornfels dead on Northgate now!