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Leir (Marvel Comics)

Leir is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe. He is one of the Celtic gods of Avalon, god of lightning and the spear. For ages, enmity existed between the gods of Avalon and the gods of Asgard.

Leir is based on Lir in Celtic mythology.

Usage examples of "leir".

They lived by the river and Leir could swim almost before he could walk.

Aurenna clutched Lallic, while Leir had a leash about his waist so that when he fell overboard he could be hauled back like a fish.

He showed the embankment to Leir, telling him that that was the place where he had grown up.

Lewydd picked up Leir as Saban caught up with Aurenna and took her arm and tried to haul her back.

Lewydd had put Leir down and was struggling in the arms of two spearmen, but he suddenly collapsed, sinking to his knees and burying his head in his hands.

More arrows thumped home as Saban crouched and wrapped Leir in his arms.

He picked up Leir and ran towards Aurenna who had still not realised the danger.

He pushed Aurenna and Lallic inside, then Leir, and afterwards ducked in himself.

She left next day, taking Leir and Lallic with her, and Gundur returned to Ratharryn, but left a score of his warriors behind.

He insisted that Leir should accompany him for it was time, he told Aurenna, that the boy learned how to survive far from any settlement.

He and Leir roamed the western country in search of a path that avoided the wet lands and the steepest hills.

Saban taught Leir to use a bow and, on their last day, after Saban had brought down a pricket with a single arrow, he let Leir kill the beast with a spear.

They used ox goads as spears, and sometimes their mock battles became fierce and Saban noted approvingly that Leir did not complain when he was pierced in the arm so deeply that the blood ran to drip from his fingers.

Saban followed the sledge and Leir ran after him with tears in his eyes.

Saban said, and he lifted his delighted son and put him on the stone so that Leir rode the moving boulder.