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Lili is a 1953 American film released by MGM. It stars Leslie Caron as a touchingly naïve French girl, whose emotional relationship with a carnival puppeteer is conducted through the medium of four puppets. The screenplay by Helen Deutsch was adapted from "The Man Who Hated People", a short story by Paul Gallico which appeared in the October 28, 1950, issue of The Saturday Evening Post.

It won the Academy Award for Best Music, and was also entered into the 1953 Cannes Film Festival.

Leslie Caron and Mel Ferrer's rendition of " Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo" was released as a single and became a minor hit, reaching number 30 on the pop music charts.

Following the film's success, Gallico expanded his story into a 1954 novella entitled The Love of Seven Dolls. The film was adapted for the stage under the title Carnival! (1961).

Lili (Tekken)

, full name , is a video game character from the Tekken series by Namco Bandai. Along with Sergei Dragunov and Armor King II, she is one of the three characters that were introduced in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection in 2005.

Lili's storyline in the Tekken series typically involves pleasing her father and her rivalry with Asuka Kazama. Her fighting style is street fighting mixed with gymnastics. Lili was the youngest human character to debut in a Tekken game, along with Ling Xiaoyu in Tekken 3, and is currently the youngest human character overall.

Lili is also featured in the Queen's Blade franchise and has been used extensively to promote the Tekken games. She was received positively for both her gameplay and character design.

Lili (album)

Lili is the debut album by violinist/ vocalist Lili Haydn. It was released in 1997 by Atlantic Records.

Lili (disambiguation)

Lili may refer to:

Lili (1918 film)

Lili is a 1918 Hungarian comedy film directed by Cornelius Hintner and featuring Béla Lugosi.

Lili (given name)

Lili is a feminine given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Lili de Alvarez (1905-1998), Spanish athlete, author, and journalist
  • Lili Bosse, Mayor of Beverly Hills, California
  • Lili Boulanger (1893-1918), French composer
  • Lili Chookasian (born 1921), American operatic contralto
  • Lili Damita (1904-1994), French actress
  • Lili Elbe (1882-1931), one of the first identifiable recipients of male to female sex reassignment surgery, possibly intersexed
  • Lili Haydn (born 1975), Canadian violinist, vocalist, composer, guitarist, and actress
  • Lili Ivanova (born 1939), Bulgarian singer
  • Lili Kraus (1903-1986), Hungarian-born British pianist
  • Li Lili (1915-2005), Chinese actress
  • Lili Novy (1885-1958), Slovenian poet and translator of poetry
  • Lili Päivärinta (born 1966), Swedish singer and artist
  • LiLi Roquelin, French-born American trip-hop singer-songwriter and pianist
  • Lili Simmons, (born 1993) American actress
  • Lili St. Cyr (1918-1999), American burlesque stripper
  • Lili Tampi (born 1970), Indonesian retired badminton player
  • Lili Taylor (born 1967), American actress