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Layd is a civil parish and townland (of 219 acres) in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It is situated in the historic barony of Glenarm Lower.

Usage examples of "layd".

Then they brake open a great chest with double locks and bolts, wherein was layd all the treasure of Milo, and ransackt the same : which when they had done they packed it up and gave every man a portion to carry : but when they had more than they could beare away, yet were they loth to leave any behind, but came into the stable, and took us two poore asses and my horse, and laded us with greater trusses than wee were able to beare.

Je voudroy que pouvoy monstrer mon affection, mais je suis tant malhereuse, ci froid, ci layd, ci -- Je ne scay qui de dire -- excuse moi, Je suis tout vostre.

Whereat this Prophet was mooved, and took a certaine herb and layd it three times against the mouth of the dead, and he took another and laid upon his breast in like sort.

And then full weary with the slaughter of those Theeves, like Hercules when he fought against the king Gerion, I went to my chamber and layd me down to sleep.

Thus when they had spoken in memory of their slaine companions, they tooke cups of gold, and sung hymns unto the god mars, and layd them downe to sleep.

All these pleasures finished, when night aproched Psyches went to bed, and when she was layd, that the sweet sleep came upon her, she greatly feared her virginity, because shee was alone.

I am not able to expresse the often embracing, kissing and greeting which was between them three, all sorrows and tears were then layd apart.