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LaLa is a monthly Japanese shōjo manga magazine published by Hakusensha. The magazine is published on the 24th of each month. The magazine's bonus content are usually calendars for New Year issues, drama CDs and so on. The magazine was ranked fifth together with Shogakukan's Shōjo Comic and Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine by Japanese girls as their favorite manga anthology in a survey conducted by Oricon in 2006.

Lala (website)

Lala was an online music store created by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Bill Nguyen. The service allowed members to legally create online shareable "playlists" (formerly known as "radio stations") of their own uploaded music which could play full length songs for other registered Lala members, purchase MP3s, stream music on a one-time basis or as inexpensively purchased "web songs," buy new CDs from the Lala store, leave blurbs on other members' pages, and participate in the community forums. Lala contracted with major labels and offered a large catalog of albums to stream or purchase. Their home page claimed over 8 million licensed songs available.

Apple Inc. acquired Lala on December 4, 2009. On April 30, 2010, Lala announced it would be shutting down its service on May 31, 2010. They also announced they are "no longer accepting new users" and that users with credit would receive credit in Apple's iTunes Store instead.

Lala shut down as scheduled on May 31, 2010. However, it still served for a while as the music engine for, providing full-length previews of songs on the Top 100 chart. After that, used MySpace Music as its provider.

Lala (title)

Lala , was a Turkish and Persian title (of Persian origin) meaning tutor and statesman during Ottoman and Safavid Empire.

Lala (painter)

Lala, from Cyzicus, was a painter and sculptor of antiquity. She excelled in painting portraits of women.

Lala (Naples Metro)

Lala is an underground metro station that serve Line 6 on the Naples Metro.

Is located in the Fuorigrotta neighborhood of Naples, and was designed by Uberto Siola. The station was opened along the line, on 11 January 2007 and consists of 2 binary passers-by. Lala is a station being decorated with works of art Castella, Campigotto and Dago.

The previous station is Mergellina, the next is Augusto.

Lala (given name)

Lala is the given name of:

  • Lala (1876-1927), Indian recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Lala (painter), 1st century BC Ancient Roman painter and sculptor
  • Lala de Cizique, 1st century Greek woman who may be the first manuscript illuminator known by name
  • Lala Deen Dayal (1844-1905), Indian photographer
  • Lala Fazal-ur-Rehman, Pakistani politician, appointed administrator of Karachi District in 2010
  • Lala Hansraj Gupta (died 1985), Indian educationist and mayor of Delhi
  • Mahatma Hansraj (1864–1938), Indian educationist
  • Lala Har Dayal (1884-1939), Indian revolutionary and founder of the Ghadar Party
  • Lala Hasanova (born 1978), Azerbaijani-Russian science fiction writer, pen name Elizabeth Tudor
  • Lala Hsu (born 1984), Taiwanese singer-songwriter
  • Lala Karmela (born 1985), Indonesian singer-songwriter
  • Lala Ram Ken (1931-2007), Indian politician
  • Lala Mara (1931-2004), Fijian chief, wife of Kamisese Mara, founding father of modern Fiji
  • Lala Meredith-Vula (born 1966), Kosovan artist and photographer
  • Lala Mnatsakanyan (born 1957), Armenian actress
  • Lala Lajpat Rai (1865-1928), Indian author and politician
  • Lala Achint Ram (1898-1961), Indian freedom fighter and politician
  • Lala Shri Ram (1884-1963), Indian businessman
  • Lala Abdul Rashid (1922-1989), Pakistani field hockey goalkeeper
  • Lala Shevket (born 1951), Azerbaijani politician, former Secretary of State of Azerbaijan
  • Lala Sloatman (born 1970), American actress and model
  • Lala Sukuna (1888-1958), Fijian chief, scholar, soldier and statesman
  • Lala Yusifova (born 1996), Azerbaijani retired rhythmic gymnast
Lala (surname)

Lala or Lála is the surname of:

  • Afzal Khan Lala (born 1926), Pashtun nationalist and Pakistani politician
  • Altin Lala (born 1975), Albanian retired footballer
  • Fatos Lala (born 1995), Albanian footballer
  • Jan Lála (born 1936), Czech former footballer
  • Jiří Lála (born 1959), Czech retired ice hockey player
  • Joe Lala (1947-2014), American actor and musician
  • Karim Lala (1911-2002), Afghani-born founder of the Indian mafia
  • Kenny Lala (born 1991), French footballer
  • Mahran Lala (born 1982), Israeli-Druze footballer
  • Nupur Lala, 1999 Scripps National Spelling Bee champion
  • Rauf Lala (born 1970), Pakistani comedian, actor, writer and producer
Lala (nickname)

Lala or La La is a nickname for:

  • Shahid Afridi, Pakistani cricketer
  • Lala Amarnath (1911-2000), Indian cricketer
  • La La Anthony (born 1979), American radio and television personality, author, businesswoman and actress
  • Lalawélé Atakora (born 1990), Togolese footballer
  • Dolores "LaLa" Brooks (born 1947), former member of the girl group the Crystals
  • Raymond "La La" Lalonde (born 1940), American politician, retired educator
  • Lauren Laverne (born 1978), British TV and radio presenter
  • Lala Sjöqvist (1903-1964), Swedish diver, 1928 Olympic bronze medalist

Usage examples of "lala".

He had had a strange feeling about Lala Sun when he had first encountered her as a newly orphaned young woman in this strange place some time earlier.

If not, he never would have entrusted Lala Sun to a man like Flanagan.

As he paused, Lala laughed as if she understood and seemed to urge him on.

Sha could tell from the way Flanagan was talking that Lala had been forced to retell her own history more than once.

The relationship between Sha and Lala was characterized more by a type of tension, the type that occurs when two psyches suddenly click together perfectly.

For example, when Lala used the system to handle dead animals, she would emit a negative reaction, which limited effectiveness to a degree.

Using it, Lala has already become an expert pilot of the Mobile Armor, sir.

When Lala used her New Type intuition to try to probe the core of his consciousness, she could feel him try to shut her out, and she then knew he was almost a full New Type himself.

He had no other way of comprehending the thoughts flowing back and forth between him and Lala Sun.

Then a door opened behind Lala, and through the light it let in, Amuro made out the shadow of a quickly moving man.

As Amuro watched, the red-uniformed Zeon officer floated across the room and out the door with Lala in his arms.

Amuro craved more contact with the mysterious Lala Sun but he had just seen what he thought was incontrovertible evidence of her physical love for his archenemy.

Wondering where Lala might be in the 360-degree panorama in front of him, he tried to rely on his intuition.

Ignoring him, Lala jumped down from the cab of the trailer and, without bothering to don her Normal Suit, climbed in the Elmeth cockpit.

Horrified, Lala automatically began evasive action in her Elmeth and concentrated her thoughts on the missiles.