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Jan spotted Lell standing before young Ai and Dha, pressed close to the pans.

 Below her, Lell reclined beside her mother, the only one of all the colts Tek could see who was not asleep.

She gazed at her weanling filly and foal traipsing ahead amid the swirling rush to butt at Lell with their blunt, barely sprouted horn-nubs.

Irained inslincls lell me lhal we are aboul to recieve news which will soon ring dolefully along the corridors at Sector HQ.

Your granddam has work, and Lell wants to show you the rueberries she found.

North American Aviation and Levitation, Demondyne, Lold (I wondered if byproducts from Lola's fa mous Cobold Works were trying to triclde dirough die wards around die dumps.

I hated to leave, but she had to get back to work and I needed to be at the Lold plant early enough-in the afternoon to do some useful work.

I wondered how much of the bill Lold was paying itself and how much it was passing on to the taxpayer.

But I don't believe the Lold Space Division, at least, is responsible for it If you'll give me a chance, I'll tell you why.

Just think of all the parchmentwork I'd have to fill out if an Environmental Perfection Agency inspector got stung to death by the Lold security system.

It was magic against magic, too, and the Garuda Bird had not only its native Indian potency but also all the souping up the Lold Kobold Works had given its sorcerous systems.

Sure, they could arrest Ryan, lold him until' the Americans asked for extradition.